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So they, they'll always make sure that they saying I'm gonna put you on speaker, so their understanding that the audience needs to hear what the conversation is, but that it just sounded a little off when they do it like that. Yeah, you can either do two things. They're just not say, I'm gonna put you on speaker or like you said, have a one sided conversation and or three things. I guess you could just change the script or you just change the sound design? Yeah. So two things. The, but the I got the impression that they were doing it. So the other people could also have the conversation with him. I didn't. I didn't notice that there wasn't a sound change. Wasn't that jarring or whatever. I keep using that word over and over again, but it wasn't. It didn't stand out to me very much, but I do agree that it should be the other way like alleviated, it'd be a difference even if you can hear it, even if you can hear the conversation and it should sound like it's coming from any, you know, little phone speaker in Ivan's a big major. I phone, yeah, big major, speaker, whatever. So it's like, 'cause you as the audience, you're the listener to this right? Could be at the perspective you're standing right next to Jesse issue takes that call, you hear that person, and then she says to call on speaker. So the other people that are in the scene can hear it makes sense, right. So it, you know, and audio dramas do it both ways. I mean, actually even in odyssey. Yeah, sometimes you can hear the caller. Yep. Other times. You can't is just a one sided thing so it can be done different ways. It's just a small thing, but I thought it was worth pointing out just a little wrinkle in that could be pressed out. The other thing was there are some points where they still need to work on some seen ambiance in in in the sound design, certain settings, they just sound flat. There's not anything going on in the background, and that's the only word I can think of to describe it. It's just flat. There's an, there's nothing you know where they are because they've said, right, but there's nothing in the sound design that gives you that impression of the setting that they're in the sound of sand and pyramids and wind. So like you know what we're used to is like these. You know, these sounds capes of city noises and forest birds and all the stuff out in the desert. So yeah, that could be challenging. I definitely see, but I agree that we need something in there. You know, I think the go-to would be in my mind would be win, sound censoring in your face? Just slight shuffling right sand. They're walking on the. And that brings me to my last little problem wrinkle. Yeah. My last week footsteps there. Sometimes they just too much. They're just not. They just, I don't know how to say is just not fitting properly in in certain circumstances. The sound of the footsteps doesn't compute with where they're supposedly walking or with the way the I know footsteps are one of the most difficult things for Foley artist to do. Yeah. And to get right timing with the way the the actors speaking. And so it's it's a small quibble. But I think overall, like I said, like ninety percent of all of the issues that we thought about last time may have been fixed. This one was much more enjoyable for me. Listen to agreed. So there's just a few small things overall. I really enjoyed this as Andrew said earlier. I'm really looking forward to seeing where the where they take. Jonathan Jesse going forward and jesse's cousin, Isaac. Yeah, yeah. And I do think this was one of the problems that we had with the older or original. Jonathan park was just a huge, massive cast of character down. You huge job of bringing that down. Your main characters are Jonathan. Jesse in Isaac. Yeah. Now, kindles in this series wasn't in the last one except for a phone call. I would like to hear more from what was the Israeli tour guide? Oh, yeah, Akiva Akiva. Yeah, we heard from him on the phone for like thirty seconds of the beginning of the last series, and that's it. I would love to hear more from him..

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