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Little mindset. Call American eagle dot com at 703 website or visit American eagle dot com. W t o P News time. 9 38 Traffic and weather on the eights and when it breaks married, a Pompa is in the traffic center. It has definitely broken the Give your 2 95 or plan to be DC to 95. Do not commit right now. Running South bound pasties Capitol Street. All traffic is stopped right at Pennsylvania Avenue. The accident involving an overturned vehicle units just arriving on scene North bound, maybe get a look at the action and slowing down but again, South bound to 95 is currently stopped at Pennsylvania Avenue due to a crash with an overturned vehicle Now work around Minnesota Avenue right now pretty quiet Pennsylvania Avenue. Nothing there and I to 95 DC to 95 toward the 11th Street Bridge. And heading north bound. Nothing currently reported. You have 50 New York Avenue Northeast that works. Third Street Tunnel Stays open asked us the freeway, but a lot of closures down around the National Mall and downtown to get there. You've got anything close from Memorial Bridge Rock Creek Parkway. Independence Constitution, No access to the 12th Street Tunnel off of Main Avenue Main Avenue, closed. What stays open again. Third Street Tunnel Freeway and on the Virginia side, The key Bridge South bound on the George Washington Parkway, 66 Roosevelt Bridge can get you to E Street Expressway again. A full list of closures on w t o p dot com. 3 95 95 from the 14th Street Bridge, still riding all the way through Spotsylvania County. No major incidents reported there and why Mills on 50. It's westbound near Centerville Road or 2 13 You're staying right to get by the accident there, but of your eastbound 50 from the Beltway across the Chesapeake. Nothing major all the way through. Why Mills and during the mattress firm Fourth of July sale, Get a king bed. Or for a Queen Price. Ah, Queen and Twin Price and free adjustable base with the purchase of 69 99. Married upon the W T o P. Traffic, so Lauren Rickets and the storm scene 44 day forecast. It's going to be plenty humid as we continue through this weekend in plenty hot temperatures low nineties. Today we'll have.

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