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DuPont circle. 30 in Germantown and it's 35° outside the WTO studios Money news at ten and 40 past the hour brought to you by pen fed credit union, great rates for everyone. Here's Denise Pellegrini. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Have you ever cheated on someone financially? About four in ten have committed some sort of financial infidelity against their current spouse or partner. Ted rossman, senior industry analyst at bankrate dot com. The most common example is secret spending, but we're also talking about things like secret debt, having a secret credit card or having a secret bank account. And rossmann says this can also be related to other kinds of infidelity, but not always. Sometimes people have secret financial accounts to hide physical infidelity. I think a lot of times though it starts more innocently and a lot of times it's born out of a desire for privacy and independence. And that desire for privacy and independence may be more valued the younger you are because bank creates only about a tenth of boomers are currently committing financial infidelity, but more than a third of millennials. And almost half of gen zers are cheating financially at this moment. From the Bloomberg newsroom, I'm Denise Pellegrini on WTO. To one of native heritage, the sounds of drums and singing can awaken feelings of generations old. The drumming dancing singing and friendships are all there at Tao 2023 at the university of

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