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Transactions are using this crowds for political purposes that the are massing that up along the border and they are also claiming that you know some of those factions are using the crowds as as cover in a something like an old factions have denied factions have frequently and repeatedly stressed that these marches artists full and that these marches in like our aim to be beautiful because they want to show the world that they have peaceful means to demand the demand rights you mentioned these protests represent a shift of tactics from some of the factions there are many analysts have pointed to hamas the group that governs gaza and of course in the past has used rockets or suicide bombings in israel to note a specific change in tactics from hamas in this case both israel have stated clearly that they are not interested in another war so these protests in a could be like some shift in in tactics where there is no war with israel but palestinians like fashions led by hamas in gaza have chosen another way both commemorating the never serie of the seventeen like seventy years in a sense like us since nineteen forty eight displacement of palestinians which also so the creation of the state of israel you have chosen a different tactic using like like peaceful demonstrations of thousands of people so yes this year in particular that is a shift in tactics like it's not a state of war but it's not also a state of real peace given the fact that we have at least thirty seven palestinians killed directly in this in this clashes and according to the ministry of health we have thousands of dominic robb a senior reuters correspondent reporting from gaza sitting doll thank you for joining us thank you the takeaway is supported by fracture creating modern photo deco by printing their customers photo directly on glass a fracture is image frame and mount all in one available in a selection of square and rectangle sizes learn.

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