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Of the overall funding rachel game plan there's a really good chance that you're missing much of what you need to be focusing on dean you're so right with this in the motivation for the topic for today's show actually came out of a second report those creative i two gentlemen that work for morning star david blanchett who by the way happens to be a cfa charter her financial anna's analysts as well as the cfp certified financial planner and paul kaplan news a p h d as well as a certified financial planner is well the first what report deemed that they came out with really told us a lot about what we could do to add some additional income benefit to the final central planning process this one which is now and by the way folks you can look this up on the internet alpha beta and more gamma so when the world are we talking about alpha as outperformance beta is risk or volatile eighty and gamma is the element it's hard to quantify these gentleman had done that and that is the value that a qualified financial advisor can bring to your experience and now we have a number dean is that's exactly right and that's where the first twenty two point six percent additional income for comes from now the first article that they wrote a research paper was called alpha beta and now gamma and in this they really talked about how to generate more or income in retirement and that's that come up with the utiliisation of five planning techniques can add as much as twenty two point six percent more income but now this second component is basically saying there's more gamma out there and.

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