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Polling data, Nikki Haley is charting in the low double digits, which is not a bad place to start. And again, she's the only other candidate other than Trump, who's actively declared at this point. There's widespread expectation that the Florida governor Ron DeSantis is probably going to run for president as a giant war chest that he has amassed for his last gubernatorial run a lot of that money was left over. He also has very high popularity ratings inside the Republican Party. What the polls show right now is that theoretically Nikki Haley could play a spoiler role in a three way race between Trump and desantis that she could actually deprive more votes from desantis than she takes from Trump and in the process elevate Trump to the nomination. But let's just analyze her candidacy on sort of its own merits. So, here are the good things about Nikki Haley's candidacy. Obviously, she is articulate. She's very photogenic. Nikki Haley did an excellent job as UN ambassador. That also happens to be the world's best job, being ambassador to the UN is great. It really is. You just go into a place where everyone is garbage and you call them garbage. It is the world's best job in government. You are faced with dictators and you say you're a dictator and a bad person. It's a great great job. She was a good, fairly popular governor of South Carolina. She's run into some issues with her base. She got crossways of the base for taking a sort of moderate line with regard to the removal of the confederate flag from the South Carolina state capitol. And it was placed in a museum instead, for example, she also got a foul of the base after January 6th when she took a very harsh line against Donald Trump, post January 6th, and then seemed to sort of reverse herself a little bit. Also, obviously, one of the elephants in the room with regard to her candidacy is that she had said she would not run if Trump would run, and obviously she's reversed herself on that. Now, I don't take any of those sorts of promises seriously. When people say, I won't run effects runs, or I'm not going to run, or I promise, who cares? The real question is, would she make a good president? And the answer is, Nikki Haley, it would, in fact, make a good president. The drawbacks of her candidacy sort of broadly speaking, and then Americans tend to not be as focused on foreign policy as they are in domestic policies. So you would assume that she's going to have to focus a lot on her tenure as the South Carolina governor as opposed to her tenure at the UN because when it comes to foreign policy, probably Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State is going to run for president. Americans don't care that much about foreign policy until it's immediate. And so running as a foreign policy guru really doesn't do you a hell of a lot of good. Americans right now are particularly focused on domestic policy. That's going to be difficult for her to sort of outflank people like Ron DeSantis on those issues or say, Brian Kemp, if he decides to run for president from Maryland or Glenn youngkin, if he decides to run for president from Virginia, she's also sort of has just run this sort of gauntlet because she was a member of the Trump administration. The left is going to tie her to Trump and because she left the Trump administration early and has had some things critical of Trump some on the right who really like Trump are angry at Nikki Haley. This makes her candidacy complicated, but she, again, is a very talented politician. The thing that I find fascinating about her announcement of her run. Is the way the left is reacted. And it really demonstrates how much left loves it, Trump. They really do. So imagine for a second, that you really don't want Trump to be the guy, right? Let's say you're on the left and supposedly Trump is Hitler, right? The only thing that separates them is a little mustache. You're on the left and you're one of these people who believes that Trump is essentially a Nazi who's putting America in danger of authoritarianism. So anybody who declares against Trump, you should immediately be like, oh, this person would be great. This person will be like, man, I'd rather have Nikki Haley's the nominee than Donald Trump. If you're on the left and this is your perspective, wouldn't you think that's the case? Instead, the media immediately wept to attack Nikki Haley with extraordinary alacrity. The really angry at Nikhil for running. Because they kind of want Trump to be the nominee. Number one, he's ratings. I mean, that dude is absolute ratings gold for a lot of these networks. And two, they think to be much more beatable than some of the other candidates on the right side of the aisle. They're immediate reactions, Nikki Haley, is to attack her in some of the dumbest ways I've ever seen. So they immediately so there was an article in Politico that suggested that Nikki Haley had on a government state form and here she is touting her diversity as an Indian American woman. And on her on her forms, early government forums, she listed herself as Caucasian. Yes, because there was no actual category for south Southeast Asian or South Asian rather. There was no actual category on that on the forums. And so Indian Americans had to choose between black and white. And so she chose white. But political put like 5 reporters on that story. And then there was the meme that was going around the other day that Nikki Haley is she says America's not racist? Well, why is she the name Nikki? After all, her full name is more Indian sounding. Her middle name is Nikki and she's been going by Nikki like her entire life. That is not unusual. And then, of course, you have joy Reid. One of our nation's most unintelligent commentators, suggesting that the thing about Nikki Haley is that she's just a trumpy. She's Trump's person, which is weird since she's now running against him. She's trying to inoculate herself by that. But I think, no, no, no, I'm not one of the bad ones. I hate the 16, 19 project. Just as much as you do, and you know, she's had this sort of she talks about her Indian American heritage, but she focuses not on her seat background, but on our conversion to Christianity, like she's definitely tried to fit in. But I just want to put up the 2016 cast of characters that ran against Trump. They all said Trump was no good. Trump was an anathema to conservatism. Trump wasn't real conservative. Trump wasn't a real Republican. Trump was disgusting. Trump was misogynistic. And then they all took the knee. So did Nicky Haley, Stuart? In the end, everything she tries to say about being an alternative to Trump. No, she's not. She's Trump's person. Trump's person, guys. Which is weird since she's now running, again, but again, that everyone must be lumped in with Trump so that you can say that they're bad.

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