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Y. for South Florida Brian Maggio starts right now six to N. W. Y. O. D. we're going to have a phenomenal economy and next year we'll have a good third quarter but next year and I said it before will be the single greatest year economically that we've ever had okay well good morning and and hopefully if it really is Hey good morning it's the kitchen sink a new cycle we've been living through and I hope you had a wonderful fathers day as well you know it just is one of these deals to where every time you turn around we are having something else that we're having to deal with than most recently on top of everything else of course it is the spiking cases that we've been seeing with Kevin nineteen and specific to South Florida now the first thing is it's it's no joke you hear these numbers it is very much real take a look at the hot zones the overall hot spots that are based upon zip code from the Florida department helped with eleven new ones since Friday another new ones and nine of those in Miami Dade so all in now we have in terms of hot spots thirty four zip codes that are hot spots in Miami Dade nine in Broward nine in Palm Beach county and the message is ultimately that's all talk a little bit more about this they even touch on it with Dr Ben Carson is in South Florida today working on opportunity zones with hud but we really need to be smart and safe because the easiest way I can convey the message is every day thousands of Floridians start the day healthy and by the end of the day they're not they've done something that probably was a little bit reckless or careless and now you have the virus you don't to be the next person so anyway what we're gonna walk through all kinds of information today before start with what you heard the president his rally in Tulsa on Saturday and why we might have seen as many empty seats as you might have seen in the upper end of that auditorium Michael our NBC news radio covering this story at the Bauer show on Twitter how you doing Michael I am doing well and happy Monday to you Sir yes for sure but to maybe not necessarily the happiest reception in Tulsa because AOC saying maybe there shenanigans that put shenanigans and tomfoolery and you're seeing the people possibly responsible for the ocean and against and tomfoolery stepping up to the plate and saying that they were responsible for the lower numbers at the arena in Tulsa you're seeing people who are using the social media app tick tock the of some sort and video thirty second one minute videos that people post on their social media to caucus with media will pick talkers had posted videos over the past couple of weeks encouraging their followers to register for tickets for trump's rally in order to deny spots for supporters of the president they also then recruited K. pop stans who are the music fans of Korean pop music and they all did their magic their social media magic and possibly on some level elevated read have we heard from the trump campaign a million people have been requesting tickets to go to the trump Tulsa Oklahoma rally that's very possibly work those kinds of numbers that come from but in regards to whether or not they were actually responsible for the lack of people showing up at the arena you're looking at president trump's campaign manager Brad Parscale saying nope that's not it let this an online troll doing a victory lap thinking they somehow impacted rally attendance don't know what they're talking about or how our rallies work and parse gal in turn is pointing fingers which is one of those things Washington DC does really well saying that the fact is it would be weeks worth of fake news media warning people away from the rally because of Covidien protesters coupled with the recent images on fire that's what had the real impact on people bringing their families and children to the rally now with that couple different things their number one president trump indicated going into Friday that there would be not only local law enforcement but also National Guard available to protect anybody and everybody who wanted to come to that venue to see president trump speak at the bank of Oklahoma center arena so it seemed as though any kind of protest element which there didn't seem to be much of a problem going into Friday or Saturday but that that would be taken care of with that kind of law enforcement then you get to the covert angle here and while fox news on Friday found that fifty nine percent of Americans that the crowded campaign events are a bad idea given the risks from corona virus and then you couple that with the web seems like half a dozen members of the advance team for trump's campaign testing positive for corona virus and then an additional two members of the secret service team also testing positive for the virus and having to go into immediate sort of lockdown for covert precautions during during covert protocol it kind of brought a realization to what at least in this particular case his campaign manager is calling fake news over corona virus all right so at this point and with all that in hand in hand with what transpired Saturday are there any additional rallies that are being scheduled or they hit the pause but we are now no they're all at least at this point what what I can tell you that this hour they're still planning on having their rally in Arizona tomorrow Phoenix Arizona is where the president's going to be it's supposed to be a much more sort of controlled atmosphere you know one of the big concerns going into the Tulsa route was we're gonna have twenty thousand people in an arena which ended up only having sixty two hundred people are less than sixty two hundred people but you're gonna have twenty.

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