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Welcome back to the GS MC movie podcast I'm your host Casey bomb. If you're just tuning in or skipping around a little bit I have given my review of a whisker away I am now going to give a review on fantastic. Mr, Fox and then I'll be giving my review. Kuow in the two strings and make sure you stay tuned until the very end of the episode where I talk about the movie industry at large. So fantastic Mr. Fox is streaming right now on Disney, plus it is a film directed by Wes Anderson, starring George, Clooney Meryl Streep and Jason Schwartzman based on the rule doll book it follows. Mr Fox who's living a happy life with his family, but cannot resist the allure of his rating and burglary days, but has to protect his family and the local animal community when the farmers that he steals from fight back. So I was very excited to watch this film, it came out in two thousand nine. This is not a rewatch for me. I had never seen it before. This is my weekly watch. But it was streaming on Disney plus. So free which was nice and I'm a big. I wouldn't call myself a big Anderson I. AM definitely a wes, Anderson Fan but I am a bigger stop motion fan, and I was very big fan of his film. I love dogs from a couple years ago, which was also a stop motion animated film? So I was excited to watch this and I do think that my expectations played into this because I. didn't like it as much as I wanted to. This is a lot of people's favorite. Animated Film is very different unique animated film from a lot of the animated movies, coming out currently and coming out back in two, thousand, nine, two, thousand ten. So. My personal opinion is that it wasn't necessarily my favorite and I will explain why, but I will also explain some of the good things from this film, so we'll start with the animation in particular. The animation is gorgeous. I'm going to be saying that for all three of the movies this week, but The animation in this film stop motion I love. I think it's a little bit of a lost art form, because it is so time intensive and so intricate and the amount you can do on a computer nowadays is miraculous and.

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