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That's fun in a good another family. He breathed relaxing his poll on the bow. The deer made a gentle sound declan set down his bow and walked forward gently extending one hand. He noticed then that the pale hale white for was the exact same shade as i'm elise long flowing hair. How could he have ever been so blind. I'm i'm sorry he said i didn't know she leaned forward and laid her nose against his hand. He felt the warm caress wrestle her breath and shook his head. I understand now. He said petting her velvet forehead. Let your wild beauty thrive for me. You'll have no more trouble from me. She nuzzle his hand for a moment and then turned and bound away into the woods. Once once in the moonlight declan could have sworn she turned back to look but it may have just been a trick of the moon he returned home with no meat but bags of onions and herbs and his family was happy to have the food no matter where it came from and though declan never hunted for her again he still roamed the woods hoping against hope that one day slipping among the trees he'd see the brilliant wight dough just one more time the end today's story white doe ferry doe oh was an adaptation of a traditional french fairy tale written for you by daniel hynes and perform for you buy me amanda weldon with the song bias both if you would like to support stories podcast you can leave us a five star review on. I tunes make a monthly donation at patriotair dot com slash stories or simply. Tell your friends about us. Thanks for listening..

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