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From olive branch Mississippi not. Far from, Memphis where we're. Looking. At another, station and a huge shout out to you know who, you are loving those weekly emails Mitchell Meeks and, Linda super fans listening in from supertalk Mississippi as we cruise towards an amazing number ninety? Stations coast to coast. Saving America's wallets one. Hour at a time so again sitting here my mug of choppy cream. Enhance okay Tony. Says Hello he's got his green tea over. There we can all? Get along as we tackle today's trendy topics and if you're not drinking coffee, or green tea at the moment that's okay. I'll do enough caffeine. For. Both of us 'cause that's just the type. Of. Team player I. Am So guys in and amongst the many, bits of subject matter that flew past my desk this week one of them absolutely, caught my eye big time had, to expound upon it because it. Just has me as excited as a, kid at Christmas these recent consumer reports coming. Out here small business owners optimism touching, a, thirty five year high in July obviously don't have numbers for August yet with businesses setting records in terms of in terms of job creation hiring startups wild they cited the availability of, qualified workers as their biggest, challenge you know what that means, you got a lot of people out there trying. To start their own thing and the fact that they can't find qualified workers is an amazing sign for the. Economy we've, known that that's been on a chair, for, quite, a while, but, when I'm excited for the people out. There who are doing their own single thing in a business, you'll platform they're starting their own one person businesses and I get, very jazzed. About this because once upon a time I. Was there as well it was about ten. Years ago And the feeling of knowing that your idea. Is going to take root and you're going to start a platform a job a career scary as heck but exhilarating as heck where you're going, to start your own thing and have, your own business, and, make it grow and succeed and again talking, about numbers you never thought possible so I love in another sign of just how good the economy is, the small, business. Owners out there whether they are experienced business owners they've been. Doing this for decades or. Brand new ones also noted that they were able to increase prices for the, first time in ages so these are all fantastic amazing incredible numbers out there and I. Want you to harness them for your own personal benefit it's great. To see the news to read the headlines oh that's wonderful for other people I want you guys to, get a little bit more self serving and start, thinking about how you can harness today's amazing numbers to start your own sideline businesses everybody out. There I think it's something honestly Inherent in American DNA if you are a twelfth generation eight twentieth generation, a first, generation American, anyone in between, you have an idea for a business in your head okay and I'm telling you right now this day and age with the. Numbers out, there the optimism, the consumer confidence the. Banks that are feeling just a little more enticing to to lend to. Others especially start-ups like yours it, is an amazing time to do, this and it saying right here small business owners whether they are new or they are established as usual here in the United States are. Leading the economy and they're, expressing, optimism rivaling the highest. Levels in history this is coming straight from the NFL I be. Presidency oh Juanita Dugan you might see you're on on. The, news I. Love watching her, so expansion continues to be a priority for small.

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