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The excess daybreak every morning a 530 london time you do so by typing d a weibring on the bloomberg yes indeed aides say lots of breaking news alerts also get the latest in global news headlines his south to kill half the money could morning caroline at least one hundred people have died in unrest in venezuela amid growing violence between government supporters and the opposition this as president mitterrand looks to rewrite the constitution and sundays controversial vote cipriani is an opposition lawmaker the government has not withdrawn the national constituent assembly by tomorrow morning at six a m then we move forward with the taking of caracas to create more pressure for the withdrawal of the national constituent assembly and we are not going to allow nicholas would narrow to institutionalise of dictatorship in venezuela russia has had a swift response to new us sanctions saying retaliation will happen in bags anthony health and reports president vladimir putin warned that russia will retaliate against us sanctions saying it's impossible to tolerate or toward our concrete forever putin goal sanctions illegal under international law and so it was very regrettable that usrussia relations will be used to solve what he said were domestic political struggles in wash hinson tony helping bloomberg daybreak europe must be meanwhile tune you studies have added to concerns about the impact of breaks it on the british economy came dikes alex marlies has more these fiscal studies wound the uk firmly struggling with stuck in wage growth mesa further is food price inflation kicks in a separate state yvonne academics at the london school of economics found the every close to the country will suffer to economic output because of increased trade self the brexit the scottish use it was the worst hit with london placing seventh at sixty two in the event of a hard brexit alex moralist daybreak london and japan's defense ministers has quit following a string of gaffes and scandals i mean a had little expansive security issues when she was appointed last year but prime minister ave has stuck by her despite polls suggesting she hut his approval ratings in recent months and felt that the question on my responsibility as defense minister over the scandal is unavoidable the prime minister has been aware of my feelings on on the matter any he has now accepted my resignation global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm time to.

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