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Babies names, just a second. How keeping babies names since I could walk. I had names since like middle school or high school at least. Wow. They change this show is so unlike someone come in I think to myself, I got nothing, and then you guys come all these Easter eggs. I got Patty from zip Patty good morning. How are you? I'm good, and you I'm solid. Now you want to go back to Ryan's roses from yesterday. Yes. Okay. Sandra who Email hosting that? Her husband Vince was cheating because he came home about his wedding ring on he sent the flowers to another woman Carmella, right? Who he said was his wife. Sandra admitted she invents were not legally married. But basically the guy was he had to relationships simultaneously. Yeah. This happened to your best friend. Very similar. My best friend this guy for about two years and at the two year, Mark, you know, she brought up going are we ever going to get married, and I want to start having kids how? And so forth. So a couple of weeks passed and he actually proposed proposed. They had a six month engagement banded up getting married. How did the whole thing? Three months after the wedding. She tried to. And when she went to those offices. They ended up telling her that dog record was on file for her marriage. He ended up going back home. She doesn't tell him anything. But ends up starting to follow him around to see where he's going because he's in sales. So he's gone because you'll go to convention centers in different cities and stuff gone about half of the week starts following him. And instead of going to the airport to go somewhere else. He ends a point to this other. No. Him and he told her the whole story has been married for several years with another woman has two kids and the marriage was not legal. So keep basically paid for the whole wedding for the person that was pretending to have the license to marry them at their wedding and pretty much made up the whole thing. So that he wouldn't have to choose between her and his actual white because he wanted to keep them now. You call me Patty from Zuza and. I think that these stories are not everywhere. And then we have one yesterday. And then this one today, so he hired a phony pastor and everything. Yes. I can't. The officer never even had a licensed or anything like that. Because he looked at it as well, man. Probably does. She doing now. I mean, he's fine. Now this happened. I wanna take two years ago. You never recover. Patty. Are you in a normal marriage? Yes. I am. Could you explain what that is? Well, my husband, and I have an open to Munich ation, and whenever we have problems we talked about it with fantasy. Like any like any regular marriage whenever we have problems 'cause we have them. Go ahead and talk about what a what a novel idea, Patty. I appreciate you for listening to us. What's your husband's name? Thank you. His name is. You take.

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