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Few hours in fort collins. Yesterday this as a standoff prompted lockdowns yesterday at three nearby schools 707 out thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios or confirm piece by sadie swanson. Miles bloom hearts out of the fort collins. Colorado one this as a man suspected of injuring a woman during a domestic dispute involving a knife in their southwest fort collins home on thursday was finally safely taken into custody after a standoff with fort collins police the standoff which drew heavy heavy law enforcement presence started about a ten in the morning when police responded to a domestic dispute disturbance involving a knife and a house in the twenty one hundred block of bronson street the support according to fort collins police a sixty five year old female victim who suffered minor injuries and was transported to an area hospital as a result of those injuries was able to leave the home and contact police a seventy four year old male suspect remained in the home and refused to exit down approximately twelve forty. Five p m officers actually entered the home. The man was placed on a gurney Wheeled out of the residents to a waiting ambulance and taken to an area will for evaluation. They were the only two occupants of the house now. During the incident three schools were placed on something known as secure status meaning. The schools were locked down with activities continuing as usual inside those schools. Were all under elementary school. Thirty four zero one. Anti stonestreet access international cabbie and colorado early colleges of fort collins west middle school both located at twenty one forty west horse tooth roads. Schools are located at three to four blocks from where this incident actually transpired. Police asked neighbors in the silver oaks subdivision to evacuate or shelter in place until the incident drew to a close and the investigation is on going so some scary hours. Yesterday in fort collins as domestic.

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