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Fox Sports radio in about twelve minutes from now here on fsr if you want to know whether or not you've got power at your job, just do what this coach did. We'll explain what that is twelve minutes from now here on Fox Sports radio Bucky. They're showing these old school highlights, by the way, we have an NFL story developing situation and NFL story. I'll get to that here in a second. They're showing these old school. Pittsburgh Steeler highly bus. Yeah. It's I think it's your own medicines football life documentary. I can watch those things for the rest of time. I never get tired of my just finish. The Chris Collins worth one it's phenomenal. But they should show to highlight. And I'm almost positive. It was Bubby Brister who was the quarterback. And I just realize you remember those starting lineup action figures. Yes, I have wide. I have a Bubby Brister starting lineup when I was younger. I realized that that somehow I had that. And I I don't know if I stole it from somebody. I don't know why I would have that. So I saw Bubby Brister. And I just realized oh my God. I still have that starting lineup somewhere. That's hilarious. Yeah. Great, man. I mean one Super Bowls in Denver. I think is a backup almost positive. He did. Yeah. You might want to. Yeah. Good for him. Good career for Bubby Brister, by the way, that will conclude the Bubby Brister references on this show for twenty nineteen where we appreciate Bobby. Right. So so from Bubby to Bucky a story in the NFL Robert Kraft has released a statement in regards to the situation at the massage parlor day spa. Whatever you wanna call it in Jupiter Florida in which he basically to sum it up. He apologized. He's pleaded not guilty. But he is just you know, said he vows to move forward continue to use this platform with which he has been blessed to help others and try and make a difference. He expects to be judged not by his words, but his actions so on and so forth. He's got a court date set for next week on the twenty eighth of March. I'm going to go out on a limb here. This is a guy who realized you know, they're probably going to release that video soon. I should say something I should probably trying to this story because that's a bad look because he was denying it. First and refused to acknowledge any of it and would not admit to any of it. And not, you know, we would not say he was guilty, and somehow, someway, they have gotten ahold of the video, and there's been people that have talked about whether or not the video is going to be released. And you know, there are some sick and demented people out there who would love nothing more than to see that video release that they could do something with it or posted somewhere because that's this day and age, I think Bob Kraft wanted to get ahead of the story. I think he wanted to show remorse because I think they get the feeling that somehow someway this videos get now. Oh, it's getting out Z can't wait their hands on little. A little a little video that may be out there. So it's something he's trying to get ahead of the story. But we know. Yeah. His lawyer William Burke told ESPN the following quote. There was no human trafficking and law enforcement knows it the video and the traffic stop a legal and law enforcement just doesn't want to admit it. The state attorney needs to step up and do the right thing and investigate how the evidence in this case was obtained. So those are the words of Robert Kraft lawyer as I think they both are getting the impression that yeah. This is getting out. And this is this is gonna be a bad. Look we talked about optics when it comes to Tom Izzo. Let me tell you something. I'll take my coach yelling at a teammate any day over my owner to massage parlor twice especially before the AFC title game. Just me personally. I I would rather see Tom Izzo yell than than Bob Kraft doing you know, what at a Eddie massage parlor. Yeah. Yeah. It's luck. And here's the here's what I think is I guess sort of funny about this. Because I don't think there was any human trafficking in this. I think that was an element to the story to make it seem like they had a reason to investigate it. Here's what I think is is might might happen. Just based on timelines. The patriots have been able to get past everything Deflategate spy gate, all all the other controversies that have Aaron Hernandez all the other controversies that have happened during the course of their run the past twenty years. I mean, if you were a betting man, would you bet on Tom Brady and the patriots to win another Super Bowl while he still quarterback? Or would you bet the opposite to winning? Okay. But I don't think that it's a shoo-in. He didn't play while in the Super Bowl any is aging. So so what if the cherry on top of this dynasty, and it's very very? Possible that that could have been the last Super Bowl he wins. What if the cherry on top isn't a guy deflating footballs, and it isn't a coach videotaping aside line? It's the owner going to the grab lab in Florida. So that he could have a little bit of fun before AFC title game. If this is the cherry on top of the New England Patriots dynasty. That's a hell of a way to go. I should say. Say I don't even know what to say. It would be. Interesting. If this is it this is the end and part of the end becomes a story about Robert Kraft kind of unraveling. Yes. What was should be? Yes. Team in a story that we talk about such a high level. Now, look man he he went in there. He participated he paid to play a little bit. And so now we have to to see what what comes out of it. But this video is going to come. It's convenient. Here's another little ugly thing that we're gonna have to talk about over and over yet. And for those you sick bastards listening on Fox Sports radio. Please do not send me the video. When it does come out. I don't want to see it. I'm not interested in it. I mean, I'll take a peek it come on Blackie for God's sake. I'll take a peek see wherever craft is doing. Okay. So I'll do it with you. Hey, listen, if you wanted to verify was in at the very least search. Research. Come on, man. We can't watch all twenty two all the time. Yeah. So we just have the research and make sure that he is.

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