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Reported does number swelled to two thousand after Wednesday's arrests support for the liberty comes from the conscious resistance network featuring videos news reports articles from spiritual anarchist perspective experience the conscious resistance at the conscious resistance dot com. How would you like to have your business featured on the liberty beat? You can just an email to liberty at S._N._l.. S. DOT news for details. This is the liberty pretty be produced in partnership with news in listeners like you. The liberty is online at liberty beat DOT news and S._N._l.. Dot News. I'm McMurdo reporting for the Liberty beat reminding you spread liberty with a smile Komo. Let's start okay have had it. I it's very important to choose the most expensive type of fish you can find for some vague environmental reason that you can then parrot back to your phone intellectual Gala Dinner Party guests I assume all these other ingredients answer organic and locally sourced and all that Oh yeah now what about the pureed baby turnips Ted you must blanche them for thirty seconds then you shock them in an ice bath peel them then boil them again with a little sugar your time and a pinch of salt the Onion News Network Free Talk Eh. It's free talk live. You are free to call in and talk live here on the airwaves. That's what we do so call in the numbers eight five five four five zero three seven three three. It's eight fifty five four fifty free as and freedom..

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