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Cam I never thought you were serious feel like jt has never really given a mart, a lot of credit I just feel like. I don't. Know. What, Hey, we had a discussion today with rotter that we will not say his name, but it rhymes with smashmouth. Children Right and Steve does not have children but I believe that Steve has just become a crazed mini-bike that. And this is the exact same logic. That racer parents used, he is small like a child. I heard it for many dads before. They don't have facts to back it up, but they have a feeling that you just never gave enough credit and I've heard that. From the mouth of any by parents, I know you haven't given them enough credit I can feel it and this is the word that you're using your son. You're a crazed mini Baghdad with Alex Martin is just so proud of Moto. And he should've went one one. If the Little Guy Proud of my little guy and we're on Jr, we're on a Suzuki with a kickstart I mean all this stuff. So, good job. All right. Let's move on. Can we move on? please I. Don't know. Can You Your Robert. Abbott and that's it will leave it. Marty now you know what I'm saying we can go it's been a while we can go. It's fine. Well, you mentioned on this show. Let me real quick. Let's get the Mardi referencing. Are you ready? We were talking Loretta Lynn's with Benny Lawson Friday night. First Year at Loretta she he was racing the fifty class. He said that was Marty's rookie Bro. There you go. There's your Mardi I got a tweet from somebody who said they saw or they her I I don't know I can't verify how they know this but they said Marty has been writing outdoors just. Just grinding no series no anything but Marty just grinding away at outdoors. Love to see. Okay. mcadoo staying somewhat up and having to good motos in those conditions is impressive F-. Over off ramp. That is GonNa win that person I really did that's gotTa be a career-best outdoors for him. Yeah..

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