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Always Hi. Sarah Livy, Managing editor. Hello, Sarah. Hello. The three Amigos air back. We're here. I am sorry You guys had to go a week without us. I know there was pain. A SMI son would say people fill their homes with rivers of tears. Um Hope you're OK. OK about what my son says that all the time about things that he's going to be sad about if it happens that he'll fill the house with tears. Oh, that's poetic. Evocative. Coming up on the show today. This is our last podcast of the Falconer era. After this week, Mayor Kevin Faulkner will leave the mayor's office in the city of San Diego and Todd Gloria will enter it. We're going to review Faulkner's time in office offer reflections and thoughts. In the last seven years, we'll talk about the Republican Party. Was ostensibly the most powerful person within it in the San Diego region. What happens to it, but first Our year in fundraising drive has begun. Before we get to our pores postmortem of the Faulkner administration. We have to mention voices San Diego's in our annual urine fundraiser. This is the most important time of the year for us as a news organization as far as Surviving. It's it's You know, there's other times when we do important work, But this is the time where we usually bring in over this like 56 week period, about a third or more of our budget, so China has to go well. We are a non profit, which means we can only keep going. If people um you know, appreciate what we do and then contribute money's too. If you like what we do, it means something to you. Now is the time To donate When folks donate that can write us little notes. We always get a little boost out of those notes. We might read yours. Here are a few that mention the podcast. It was John Wilson, he said. I love the podcast and the Twitter content. Thank you, John Jose Cervantes said. I appreciate voice San Diego's local coverage. I'm a big fan of the podcast. Thank you, Jose. Kim. I listen to the podcast every week. Local journalism matters and you all kill it in the podcast makes my week that Thank you. It's a dark tie us. It's pretty awesome. Incredible. Thank you so much. Uh, You know, it's Zsa Nice winner. The Sun's out in San Diego can't complain about the weather. But it is dark in the society and to get notes like that really matter. We have a special thing happening for the podcast listeners if you give now during this week. This part of the week This podcast airs your donation will be mass. You could do that at viewers d dot orc slash podcast 2020. All right. We have some breaking news just now. We watch the press.

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