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Ago birther pro on top forty radio yup. I went out. Bought the single to that. No i don't hate it either but it's bizarrely it would be that and then here's clapton on the same right. Here's black dog by led zeppelin and now. Here's chuck mangione. It is interesting that we don't have that many instrumentals. That kind of breakthrough. Like you know what i mean like i if it doesn't have lyrics We don't want it at the miami vice theme you got rocket by herbie hancock. You got that axel f left. Half of these are just herald fault. Thank you very epic period of time. Yeah and like. I don't know of you against the art of noise has people speaking but it's not doesn't have lyrics really i would include that because that's a that's bizarre hit. What about 'bout that never made the top forty to consider that a vocal. I do not know i do. Not the guy says. Oh yeah that's the The high seek. Yeah charting. I mean it might have one point. That was as hot reminder crack a window you high nc is an icy or kool aid. Kool aid kuwait. I said hi c. Check your thank you very cool man fixing that by the way. I'm still haunted by the time we were talking about kohl's and somebody said kohl's money and then i said no it's kohl's bucks potentially kohl's cash and i've i've been haunted by that ever since i made that mistake. So thank you for clarifying related. I'm not being sarcastic. And do i thank you. You're welcome for clarifying that. What are you looking like Top best charting instrumentals. I don't know if this is organized by that but here are one hundred of them. So we're not going through through one hundred but theme from someplace. I don't remember it off my off the top. I know. I've heard it will be the second you heard noted that you would know it chariots of fire. Sure to go to great song. Great from a very average movie then jealous another guy who's had more than one. Instrumental hip probably. Yeah yeah a fifth of beethoven by by the big one There's a lot of disco instrumental hits. Let's put it that way. Because there was the star. Wars thing that charge up. Hang give you the initials on that guy. Because i can't pull it hold opole hope whereas whereas it were W m and the group that he that he runs around with damn it. It's it's walter mondale former vice. Welcome out of that guy not become president without running. I don't disagree right yeah. He plays that he walked to a podium. That guy in august much integrity. He would not leverage his non-political He's a please. Please vote for my political record. Not my kit record. And i was like okay. Then we have reagan all of that all of that Jarred my memory walter murphy. It's walter murphy. And do you know the name of his his outfit. It's not stars on forty five. Who is the get along gang. You're not far off. Matt the big apple band the big apple band review the big apple band. I think if the apple dumpling gang conway don knotts. Think not certainly. I think i'd just at this very moment realized that axel f is not the name of the guy who's performed that song have you have you ever seen beverly hills cop actually just watched it a couple of weeks ago. That's actual fully for the first time. I know like in my mind i was like. It's weird that he has the same name as the guy realized. It's based on a true story. They the movie doesn't cover his his the part of his life where he wrote it songs. So bizarre sign up. And that is tim conway by the way in the great. I give me some more resembles. They're already who Let's see what we saw. That's that's what's the most recent instrumental top forty hit. That's a good question that see if this will tell. This is a job for chris. Melinda this is an episode of hip raid waiting to happen. I it would be interesting and maybe under two hours. Finally i found one that peach number one in the last decade it reached the top forty in two thousand thirteen. Thirteen top forty. And you're saying you went to number one. Hit an instrumental from twenty thirteen. You said Is it from a movie. No is it from a movie. I can give you a little blurb about it might be a huge clue. Yes i think that's necessary. Billboard revamped its charting methodology to include streaming data in part because of the viral success of the song allowing it to debut at number one saturday girl song where no she's saturdays about instrumental. That was also funny. You're delayed in that. She did make sure she did. Make a follow up called saturday. Rebecca black Wow that should help. There's so many stupid viral things like that that when we hear it's going to we're going to la the llama duck song got also has words. Yeah i mean all the things. I'm thinking of like like i can't i i keep going back to. What does the fox say but obviously that has lots of lyrics in and they had the end. They're actually the very important question. What about fox. A garin would giving us the initials of the artist. Give this away now. no from us. The artists the artist doubt it. This is bauer power down double a. u. e. r. i. I'm throwing over my cards. I don't know. I'm out of the initials of the song or sure. H s h goal. Which is jimmy hit song. I said. I said i was just repeating. What you did. I get it. Is that the right answer. Is it howard. Johnson's no i happy cease sick. All right i'm out. Go some way some shape the harlem show of course..

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