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But I'm out to seek and find out what it's trying to tell me, you know, right now as we're taping this we're in mercury retro. Now. So legit. I like, I never think strategy applies memo's it get silly greatest. But like, I swear to fucking God. Mercury retrograde. It's like a real thing. Real thing on the older. You get you feel it. Ask him out of a lunar eclipse just a minute ago. So great all of that is applicable, and it's interesting to live on this planet long enough to sort of figure out how things work and how it feels in your body. What body feels like in this human realm and to make peace with your mother, your father yourself and understand the proclivities of you know, why you do what you do. Are you still seeker? Are you still finding new things out about yourself? I'm like, oh, yes. All the time. And like, I I my favorite thing in the world is learning like a loving and learning are my two bread and butter. Like, I I think my life will be I will be ready to die the dam like camp. I've learned it all like, I have nothing else to learn. And I hope that never happens. I really every single day is like this process of knowledge and like having the ability to experience things and see things in. Do things that inform my knowledge, and like, my spiritual self and like that it's so like, I think it's a sensual to to our essence as people I never related to people who who have no desire to learn beyond themselves or their own ego. Like that this completely foreign to me because if I had it my way, I just be a floating brain, you know, just like feeling seeing floating brain. But as as chores out does not the deal. So like as as a compromise in a way, I've really found a love for fashion and for like artistic fashion and makeup because I have to compromise an express myself in some way since I can't get what I want. I will I will glam it up in the craziest way. We're going to go to break into. I wanna ask you. Did you go to regular school when you live with your grandparents? No, I wasn't in a with them consistently enough to do regular school. But when I did do rate at school. I dropped out when I was fifteen because social constructs like school weren't I couldn't apply. It's my brain. Like, they like I was reading David foster Wallace niche in ninth grade, and they were asking me to read nineteen Eighty-four, which I'd read three years prior. And I felt like I was d- Katie myself by spitting it also I'd never need use calculus. I have a phone. Like, my kid eventually took the GD and I- legally audited, some some Columbia classes that they didn't know I was attending, you know. And I I just I'm always been really thirsty for knowledge. And I love reading reading is one of my favorite things in the world and exploring and and self educated in a big way. Also like, I had different problems than kids going to school. So like some kids fuck, I didn't do like my essay. And be like fuck I had a call. The paramedics my mom's stomach pump last night shit. Different set of priorities. For life Francis. Being Cobain with us. We're gonna take a break. We'll be right back after this. It's time to talk about one of my favorite things that we ever talk about on this podcast. Casper mattress it all began..

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