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Okay. Yeah. That's good. Yeah. Totally. So how often do you perform? Well, actually, it depends when it was the Corona time. I didn't perform at all. I actually did some online concerts in some websites. But I mean, it doesn't really it's not as much fulfilling as you hope it would be. But right now I'm actually focusing on only trying to find the right people to work with and have a have a good album to come out. The first two mixtapes that I did, I actually pushed the production. So it wasn't the perfect songs in it. And I hate that because it should have been. But in this album, I spent a whole year working on it. I haven't released a single music in a single track in the last year at all. I've written a 180 songs. And from those, I'm only going to use 12. So I made sure everyone would be perfect for this album. So afterwards, yeah, I'm going to, I think, this summer, I'm going to be kicking up a little bit during the show. I'm going to be all out. I'm going to be performing everywhere, but you know, everywhere, speaking local venues and small stuff, of course. Or maybe opening up opening up for bigger ads because that's actually a really good way to go. Great. Yeah, that's amazing. And is there any big name venues that you really want to perform more? Any country you are to perform in well, if I'm being completely honest, U.S. would be the best, the best choice ever. When it comes to any genre of music, to be honest. The U.S. will have over every other country all the time will be will be the push that they give the movie industries and the music industry. It's amazing. And I mean, even the underground rappers there make a lot a lot. I mean, it's not just about the money. It's mostly about also being a recognized and having a respect because here I can a couple stop me in the streets and be like, I don't know, I don't care who you are, but if you're an underground artist in the U.S., they'd be like, oh, hey, you're Kirk. I've heard something in the radio or whatever. Underground rappers don't get played in a radio here in Albania. Okay. But yeah. If you had to. So if you could work with any huge artist who you want to work with. I don't know if you've heard of the slaughterhouse. It's always crooked eye and Joe Biden and dual roots. They used to be assigned to shady records to M and M therefore rubbers. I think I've kind of heard a slaughterhouse. Yeah, I think it was kind of right. Yeah. Yeah. It's one of them. It's called Joel Ortiz. I followed his music ever since 2008, I think. He's one of my favorite artists and yeah, if I could work with him, that would be like, all right, I can die now. It's totally cool. I did everything that I ever wanted to do. But if you're talking big, big names, I mean, I think Eminem would be the way to go. I mean, it's never going to happen, but still one can hope.

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