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Of about ninety seconds when you say difficult feelings give us some examples of one of the difficult feelings people might have sure I'd and in the book I talk about eight and and line thinking around this is that if people can be able to experience and move through these eight comfortably enough because then they can actually start to pursue whatever they want in life and the eight are sadness shame hopelessness anger vulnerability embarrassment disappointment and frustration can really they're all different in that summer easier to handle than others that might be there actually are my view on that is that people had some people are better enhance handling what I would call the angry end of the continuum like anger and frustration and other people are better at handling this sad and disappointed are more vulnerable kind of feelings so it so I think it differs if we were to if you want I were to get into a discussion of that you might find it easier to handle certain feelings and I might find it easier to handle others sure it's different it differs for each person well I know there that you know some people for example when they have one of these eight rather than face it they try to run away from it and you know the different different aspects of these eight possibilities you handle in different ways but is there a general way to tackle all of it at one time yeah well I think the key again is is the first this is stay aware of what you're going through so I want people to use that to be able to but to be aware as opposed to avoid so to move toward the pain or the unpleasantness and then if they can do that by again tolerating the bodies bodily sensation so it's like right it literally is like writing writing ways.

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