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Everywhere. And then people like, oh, God, I mean, especially coming off the last couple of years of the Mets of ad go off there. Let the play do the talking. I love the positivity. Stop. I love that. We're capable of anything. We're going to work hard to be better. But then to basically diminish your opponents in the process of having an ice press conference yesterday. I didn't think was the greatest thing. But hey, I am positive with where this team is right now with the moves that they made and hopefully more things are to come and Brody said yes, there is money to spend. But we're going to spread it around. So an expected to go in one place, we will see where that money goes. But I do think it'll be more supple. The mental stuff, and I guess the feel out there is that they're not in on AJ Pollock any longer which is something that was a little bit surprising to me because Brody brought that up immediately. In the beginning of the season. AJ park was a guy that were going to focus on. But it seems like they're out on that. So they're out on Andrew Miller. It seems like so I don't know exactly where they're gonna go. But he's got a couple more holes to fill. Maybe the fact that you put that out there. And I don't know a politics market is right now I have not seen him linked anywhere yet. Maybe you have maybe play you take it slow and you see how the marketplace itself out. And maybe that's something. They try and do in January when the price tag comes down a little bit. The thing about Pollock. We know. He's a great ball player. The problem is he didn't stay on the field and hasn't the last few years. So maybe they don't want to buy high. And I get that. Because as I told you before I'll stand by it to me AJ Pollock healthwise is one league ARIS. He plays his ass off. But he gets hurt a lot. And yeah, they're not the quads and the hamstrings and stuff like that. And the tights more breaking a bone because you're making the extra the extra diver, you're taking the extra step or you're playing extra hard won. The garrisons problem has been one the garrison Brooks broke his finger dive. And making a catch on a ball in center field. If you go back and look at his injuries. That's what it's been offensively. Not the same. I get it. But one the GARRETT'S defensively was a gold glove center fielder. So you bring in AJ Pollick. You don't want to buy. Hi, I'm kind of on board with that. I agree with that. Yeah. So I don't know exactly. If it's going to be the trade route or free agency, if Brody some of these names that were attached to the real Muto deal are going to go in some other way, shape or form by Joe and Evan with Brody yesterday. Your Evan asked him was it to major league pieces. Meaning was it Conforto and resort Rosario? In Nimmo some sort of combination to major league pieces and prospects that we're going to the Marlins was that the deal that was disgusting said, no one major league piece got a couple of significant prospects. So it never was two of those guys, and he's still didn't pull the trigger on it. Right. So good for him. Because I actually thought it was one major league peace and to prospects. You would have gotten that deal done. But he felt very. Strongly about not creating a hole to fill another whole. So if Wilson Ramos gives you one hundred and twenty games like he did last year behind the plate. I think that is very significant for win Gonzalez. I know everybody wants Marlin conspicuous Marlin Gonzales was it last year or maybe two years ago was in the running or at least in the conversation as an MVP candidate. Because of what he was doing Houston at every damn position. And he was a good offensive player you need to play. I Bassi can you wanna play left field. No problem right field. Okay. Third base. He's got that to the guy can do everything. And I don't think he's gonna cost you a boatload of money. Like, I don't know why his market then maybe it is. I think it might be. I think there's a lot of competition. Everybody sees the same thing you do like the cheap. Controllable positional versatility guy is going to get way more money than he probably deserves. Because everybody wants a guy like that. Yeah. That that's a big many like him. Yeah. Andrew Long Island. What's happened in Andrew? Hey, what's going on Joe? And jerry. How's it going, man? What do you got for us? I saw that you guys. But on the update that Carlos BELTRAN got signed to the Yankees in the office. I wanted to know what his role is gonna be what your thoughts on the signing. You know, I don't know a ton about the specifics about what he's going to do. I just know he's going to be working for Brian Cashman the front office. But a lot of people have been speculating that the reason they did this now is because BELTRAN and Machado share an agent and BELTRAN and Machado have a relationship, and this would help in the meetings. That's why they got it done yesterday for him to be in the building today for these discussions with Manny Machado, so beyond that, I don't know. I know the Carlos BELTRAN name was bandied about a lot is as far as a manager goes. And I think he's got a future either in the front office Raza manager because he's really sharp, and he's a great baseball guy. But as far as his instant impact on this. I mean, it's all about Manny Machado. I mean, I feel like the Yankees really really wanna. Get Manny Machado, Ian on their terms, and whatever they could do to help that along you're gonna do. I hate to. I don't like doing this normally. But what do you think the chances are that they actually put forth like a real offered a Machado a real office ten years? Yeah. Even if it's eight years for thirty five million dollars a year. Like, do you think they make a I know they're hosting him today? And I get it. Do you think they're gonna make a serious legit run an offer at him? Or do you think this is more? They want to get to normal a little bit. See what is makeup is what he has a ball player kind of testing the waters in terms of what kind of guy he is. I think yes, they're going to make significant offer. But I don't think it's going to be the largest offer out there. And you know, some I heard you know, that Dan O'Dowd works for an OB network. Yeah. I heard him talk about some. He's he believes that the Yankees are going to make some sort of insane vesting offer aware like with options where it's going to be like a one year forty million dollar deal or something. And then if he hits certain things or they'll both. Have the option to agreed at nine more years after that or something ridiculous? Like that. That's what he believes a monster contract. But show me we're going to give you the additional nine before we commit to it. Right. That's that's what he thinks might happen. It's interesting. But then I'm thinking to myself if you're that much on the fence with a guy like that, here's forty million dollars. We can do serious right now. This was just his opinion. But his opinion on the Mariners Mets deal was very very close before it happened. Is that true? Yeah. He he nailed them. He's I mean, he's got an MBA. I mean, but I'm thinking Machado like why would you gotta get something better. I'll tell you why. Because it could be one year for forty million for potentially another three sixty. Maybe that's why I was opposed to ten in your three hundred ten maybe all of a sudden the potential is ten for four which is just insane. It really is the highlight the player, but I mean, we're all nuts. I can't wait to see how this thing plays out. I mean, this is going to be because here's the difference. If the Mets a team like the Mets brought in Manny Machado, they sell more merchandise. They sell more tickets the TV ratings go up everything goes through the roof immediately. And you see the bump quickly. Does that happen for the yank it only it only happens if they have a big long postseason? That's it for during the regular season will be minimal impact they can't sell anymore. Tickets already selling more. Gimme your all over the world one hundred percent with you. I mean, especially the narrative, which is something that I'm sick of saying and hearing, but it is true. It's a word that applies here with the Mets has been this cheap nid market, not serious. About winning like the fans are dormant in an angry. If you do something like that. It's like they all come rushing back. I think the worst thing that happens to the met fan going back to this season. In terms of what you're talking about are the Tampa Bay rays, and the Oakland A's, the more you see teams do it. The however you want to call it the right way the traditional way the cheap way. However, you want to say it, but what these not skyrocketed payrolls. And you see that it works so long as you have the right mix and the guys that stay on the field and say healthy. Why would we spend two hundred and twenty million dollars when you can do it cost effectively and still win? I think that the royals beating the Mets in the World Series was probably the best example because there's been a lot of teams that had lesser payrolls. Good seasons and maybe made it to the playoffs. The royals actually got done. They didn't get it done. You know, they actually won a championship that way. Bob's in New Jersey. What's going on? How's it going? Hey, man. So you guys were talking before about music, Paul Simon. No, not good Slipknot Slipknot as way to get yourself motivated. You know, that's one I've never gotten into. I do I even know a Slipknot song. Would you say you definitely know there's me that give me their most popular song. So Al can play die in a fire. Kill your family, also, probably duality, but or hate say, wait and bleed. But..

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