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A bit. Dr jam packed. They're both directions. Cross commerce city heavy on seventy corridor thrown down through that construction. Tesla twenty five crash called out, pope ACS and care forecast. Chance for scattered afternoon. Thunderstorms overnight tonight, ten to fifty four tomorrow better chances Matheny storms to bring some heavy rains temps in the upper seventies right now seventy one with the traffic and weather. I'm Susan on six thirty K, how right now at Napa auto care centers, when you spend two hundred fifty bucks on Napa brake parts you can get a seventy five dollars prepaid visa card quality parts installed by pros. That's Napa know how at participating Napa auto care centers. Exclusions apply. Offer ends June third. What if you didn't have to worry about the stock market in retirement? This is Linda Gardner blue Heron capital, host of your money your retirement. Protect your retirement from market volatility, call seven two four eight eight six four or your money, your retirement dot com. Tune into the mortgage doctor this every weekend, when it's time to buy a new home lower your house, payment, consolidate your debts. Steve haynie is the mortgage doctor and the go-to guy in Colorado, the mortgage doctor show Saturdays at six AM, and three PM or Sundays at noon. It's time to never paint. Your home again with Rhino Shield. It doesn't crack. Peeler chip perfect for any surface comes in any color. And it's backed by twenty five year transferable warranty and Rhino Shield, does it all from prep to cleanup. Call eight four four go rhino or visit Rhino Shield, Colorado dot com, Martino troubleshooter tomorrow morning at ten consumer problems questions and complaints will battle them for you. Give me a call coming up tomorrow at ten troubleshooter. Tom Martino on six thirty. K. Ow. Live from the mile high city and throughout Colorado. Do you have a might you're on the air? Go ahead. It is my honor to introduce to you. This is the Dan Caplis show..

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