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Mind the the one at Hyde, commensurate high commensurate music stand I didn't know was Loretta Lynn's birthday Actual day I. Don't know that they looked, at it they had a bit of a, Google I think it's this day, I love Loretta Lynn I'm thinking of Sissy. Space but I love I love Lorenzo and bat but I'm thinking? Of sissies basic but I'm. Under the impression I love Loretta Lynn I'm. Thinking of sissies space Anyway I was told multiple. Times not to work blue no profanity as there are families, in cars with children listening and, I want to assure. You I don't like vulgarity I don't. Like that kind of talk I have no wish. To sully the queen's. English she's been through enough what with. Brexit don't get me. Started we don't have time. I hear there's a. Clock, I don't see. It oh there. It is it's counting. Up we're at Fifty-seven seconds Just, because people at. In the cars. But the car kids Just want. Them to know I'm sorry I'm not a strong joke writer I'm. Very sorry about that that that's not great news for you and, it's been a real problem for me, since nineteen eighty five but I'm not a. Strong joke writer but I think I'd be at a filibuster I, believe that about myself because I'm extremely chatty and there's tangents and I always wear, sensible shoes with orthotics But I I don't have children because I'm risk averse it's that, simple I'm risk averse it's truly that's simple Too. Many contingencies and. Who could factored. In the slender man What now there's. The lender man. Is just too. Much they could go. Round it's a me I'm not fully. You look confused me I'm not really sure what is it it's a mean And also I've never wanted to, be married because I don't want. To be forced to hide purchasers which seems.

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