Lebanon, Beirut, Dr Sonya Angel discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Gases have hope that were pretty much broken Glass building fragments and clothing were scattered across the immediate area. Baltimore Mayor Jack Young surveyed the damage, offering support to all who lived in these houses and surrounding communities. One neighbor described the scene as chaos before first responders arrived. That's Colonel Scott reporting less than a week after the deadly explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, is government collapses. Lebanon's prime minister announcing that he and his Cabinet all resigning Saying a massive explosion in the capital Beirut six days ago was the result ofthe endemic corruption. The decision coming after a weekend of protests, crowds, blaming the blast on corruption and negligence. Among Lebanon's ruling elite. At this, 163 people were killed and 6000 injured but forming a new government. Could take months that Simon Owen, California's public health director, Dr Sonya Angel, has resigned. She held the position since 2019 and helped develop the state's response to the pandemic. She didn't give a reason for unexpected resignation but applauded colleagues in a letter The resignation comes after a computer glitch calls cause several 1000 cove in cases to go, UN reported the vice president of the California Health Care Foundation, Sandu Suri, will be appointed as the acting California Department of Public Health director and we will hear from the governor coming up at noon. A new report shows businesses and lower income neighborhoods could be getting the short end.

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