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Smith burger director of solid waste from Mecklenburg county. The city brings us all of the the the yard waste in the Christmas trees, and that sort of stuff, and we process that's different from how it used to be back in the old days Christmas trees were just laying until with all the other way and here in North Carolina about twenty years ago, the laws changed, and it is now illegal to landfill, Royal wastes like Christmas trees and yard waste products. So that's why Mecklenburg county has to have a composting facility in a grinding facility. And so what we do with these materials we grind them back up. And we find reuse for them. So now, if you're a resident of Mecklenburg county. The city is Charlotte collects materials within the city. And then each one of the six towns does their own collection spokesperson for the city says just take everything off of the tree taken out of on your waste pickup day. And if you can't wait you can take your once live tree to a county waste facility. That's the hickory grove facility the north mix subtlety the compost central facility in the foxhole settle in. There is no cost for residents to bring Christmas reason. So they're free trees will begin arriving at the county waste compost center. That's already busy the mountains of trees in the mountains of leaves. We still are getting caught up from the leaves. That were collected. We start with with leaf processing that happens in November. When the leaves start to fall from the trees and continues on through early January. And so we have a mixture of lease and Christmas trees were processing now. Smith Berger says it's going to get even busier Christmas trees will really start to show up in earnest over the next two weeks because most people. Seem to keep their Christmas. Trees the house until the first or second week of January okay now back to the compost made from the mall ground from the trees this year, something that's different than we do is. We started bagging are compost material. So before we only sold their compost in bulk meaning your head to have a pickup truck this year. We started begging compost, and so we'd have really beautiful compost material available. You know, one point five cubic yard bag, and that's Laura compost central facility. I'm valley Dell road. Now, if you have an artificial tree just want to get rid of it. That's a whole different process. The city says call and make arrangements for a pickup joelovesbeets WBZ news..

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