Dallas, Landry Jones, Bob Stoops discussed on CBS Sports Radio


All your car care needs guarantee low prices excellent customer service in a Riley better parts better prices every day we've got a huge show for a Monday coming up in about twenty five minutes from now XFL week number four is the box and watching the Roughnecks and I keep one to call them the desperados but they're not there the renegades of Dallas watching Landry Jones and hopefully his injuries not too too serious but watching Landry Jones be such a disaster and watching Bob stoops have to sit through that makes me wonder what why is Bob stoops wasting his time doing this we'll discuss this coming up here about twenty minutes from now a little bit less than that but first your best audio of the day CBS presents this program in the person can usually get a recruit by strippers coming in they can fire you for taking the job and they run through are asked to attend one man and we could not stop the audio you need to hear it's D. A.'s soundcheck resumed favorites to win the NBA's MVP award would be be honest intent a combo however years pelicans coach Alvin gentry after lebron drops a triple double on him last night I'm just amazed that they talk about anybody other than him you know that's that's what he does everything that he's been to everything that is on have a chance to win the championship so you know the main I'm not sure what the definition of NDP is but he makes everybody on this team better and it makes it difficult for everybody it is pretty stupid that lebron only and I say only in air quotes highs for NBA MVPs nine ten.

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