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To the second hour of the inside, outside, guys laughing and learning 24 7. That the inside outside guys dot com and the inside outside guys on Facebook and we have Dr Joe Gannon sitting in for the inside guy, Chuck. Brian Stein. How you doing, buddy? I'm 100%. I'm impressed with all the people of their coming here doing work, it's Saturday. They're going full bore. I mean, it's impressive to see all the people pull in here and like you mentioned how quickly they're pullin in and pulling out. That is so important. We're at Eastern Michigan distributors located at 19240 West eight mile And eastern Michigan. They they supply contractors Ruffian products, and I said earlier. The last break How frustrated frustrating is as a contractor to have to wait in a place like this and They're getting people in and out. So that's why they're so busy. That's why they get so much repeat business and you talk from experience because you were a contractor for a long time for a long time till I'm a little bit. Yeah, Yeah, a little bit. Is what you get here. A little bit of time wasted just hanging around the parking lot because you're in and you're out. Yes, you are. Except if you want to come today and stay for some hot dogs. Yeah, Today we got the The original My partner, Chuck would say, Chief Cook and Bottle washer. Yeah. Started the place here. Cooking hot dogs force. Well, OK. He does a great job out here. We're inviting everybody stopping by. We're on eight mile of a lot of traffic, and, uh They're not all W J r listeners or this parking lot would be full of people wanting to see Ken. Calvary. Okay, Joe Joe Gannon saying that to me Who would have thunk it, eh? Hey, Right now we have a me gagged her. Who's.

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