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Thank you've made the changes that you need to make in order to win the fight and in truth. The fight doesn't even become close. That's difficult you start to question whether your talent level is good enough whether you're training is good enough whether you can ever get back to the level that you've wants work but what i hear after the ryan span fi is a fighter. That's confident in who. He is a fighter that feels like he's gotten his groove and a fighter that can now look back at the rockets. Find say you know what. I kind of see what i did wrong there. I've correct some things. I think it's time to get that opportunity again. And he knows that. Now we're both to top fighters in his division. Oh and by the way the dude standing at the top of the light heavyweight division is no longer to king is no longer a guy. That's run through everybody. It's no longer a legend. It's a guy who we know through. His career has been very beatable. Here is my chance. And so i love this about fighting that you get to call out who you want and like he said. Hey man merry christmas to me because it seems like alexander rockets wants to fight as well. Yeah he does. Rockets was immediately accepting. Oh anthony smith and that's what you gotta do when you get be in your on a downturn you go back you fix things you get the ship going in the right direction and you head back down the path of chasing down the championship. Now what you don't see very often is a lot of people. Say that last guy that beat me is the one that i want to beat in order to propel myself. That's that's crazy. That seems as though it's crazy right you would seem to want to be away from that guy. Right is what anthony smith is. Listen minutes and og gene. Dues fought over fifty times. And he's not even his mid thirties early thirties. The dude is a savage and he's an og smart. I worked with him at the desk at times. Anthony smith the very smart guy in regards to fighting breaking doll. fighting stomach. factory acts is a very good team. Does this sound familiar. You've got one device that lets you catch the game live another that. Lets you stream your favorite shows..

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