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Moving people and innovation forward. 9 45 back to rob Woodford. All right, the rosters for the NFL's new look Pro Bowl were released. The Washington commanders, well, represented they're sending four players to the Pro Bowl games in Las Vegas in February, and Jonathan Allen tres way, each making their second appearance. They'll be joined by first timers Terry mclaurin and Jeremy Reeves, daron Payne and montez sweat were named alternates in when the burgundy and gold take the field in San Francisco on Saturday, Jack Del Rio will have some, let's call them versatile 49er pro bowlers to account for. There are not a lot of people that are doing that and I think the type of athletes that they have allowed that kittle can light up anywhere. We can light up anywhere, demo can light up anywhere. So you start moving those guys around. It presents some challenges. Yeah, no, by the way, they have the top ranked defense in the NFL, the niners with 6 pro bowlers, tied with the ravens for third most, the 13 and one Philadelphia Eagles have the most selections with 8. Men's college hoops, navy's fast start at VCU didn't last, they fall to 7 and 5 with a 74 52 loss. 21 Virginia tech suffered its first conference loss 70 65 to Boston college in overtime. George Mason comes up short at old dominion 78 77, so ends a 5 game win streak and Howard's win streak now up to three in a row. They were 63 62 winners over mount saint Mary's, James Madison, their two game win streak ends in a double overtime heartbreaker, one O 7 100 to cop and state the 12th ranked Maryland women cruise to victory at Purdue Fort Wayne, 88 51, so they are now ten and three, and the nationals announced today the return of two righty pitchers, Tanner Rainey, and erasmo Ramirez. Rob would fork WTO sports. WTO news time 9 47. You better watch out. You better not cry, you better not tell you why. Why Santa Claus is coming to town. All right, we knew that, but there's some more good news for kids in Virginia today. And probably in every other state and territory, Virginia's state veterinary, though, has now issued a permit to Santa Claus letting him bring his reindeer into the Commonwealth on Christmas Eve. In a statement Charlie brought us said that while the importation of deer and Virginia's generally prohibited, he approved the permit for Santa because he takes great care of his herd. While speaking of a party, and a holiday party, when is a holiday party for kids, a whole bunch of fun while most of them are, but especially when hosted by a member of the Washington commanders. Medium rare restaurant. I'm having fun because it's a great time meeting football players and also just having fun and just meeting new people. That girl was one of the guests at Tuesday's holiday party, hosted by Washington commander's lineman Charles Leno junior and his wife, who spoke with our news partners at NBC four. When we got married, we always talked about paying it forward and doing right for others, because when you do right for others, good things will happen for you

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