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And that's just never going to work zone aligned around that so to me. what. I larry thinking other business leaders should be doing being honest about the limitations of what they could do in a system. That's built this way. And what what. They're instead doing now as their weaving a narrative at the system's gonna fix itself and stakeholder capitals capitalism. Is the answer. See look at it and you say okay. The business community is with one hand holding off taxes and regulation right. We know that that's what the incentives are built to do right. It's much cheaper to market in lobby. Market yourself give wonderful and bobby to keep assist gummed up so you can continue your profit engine holding off tax regulation one end as there's growing social angst at nothing is being done about these problems. People are marching in. The streets grow climate. You know they're they're marching on racial and wealth inequality financial firms are actually then turning around. And why don't we explain this. Social acts by selling people a bunch of light green products that in reality the only difference with him for the most part is if they have higher fees right. The vast majority of these impact products that are being sold by wall street. Our market products. That are just moving around. Baskets of forty traded secondary shares. The millennial dine them in paying more fees. Almost certainly believe that they are creating some impact that would not have otherwise occurred. Otherwise why would you buy bay marin fees. that's of course not what's happening so you know i would look at say. Look right now. you're delaying. What the experts telling us we need into the belting void. You're selling a bunch of products. That are i would argue misrepresented and i think the answer is that at some point they have to be honest and say listen. We have experts on the economic side. Also right it's not just scientists thing when you bend down the curve. It's economists telling us how we need to do it. And they're ignoring them because it's inconvenient to their own short-term interest and my question is how can you possibly be standing on a stage in doing that under the guise responsible business..

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