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Dispatches from news junkie APP in just a moment. Our get that article back hero quick because I want to play the comments from the mayor after the the latest statement that he made to Fox thirty five. So, before you here, this is the actual source interview that started all this with Mayor Buddy Dyer. Of Orlando a Fox thirty five said today we asked the mayor. If he believes bars should remain closed until there's a corona virus vaccine as some have reported. No, I'm not saying that at all, I would like a state wide application I would rather not. City by city or county by county. If they could safely open I would love for them to open. Now here is the actual interview found this, which does one better than the transcript. In case there's any editing here and I didn't see any genie cuts or anything. See when you watch them that I noticed it didn't look like there was any significant edits. But he was targeted Good Morning America and now with that in mind him saying, no I'm not saying that at all if they could safely open, I would love for them to open listen to the original comments. This started this not many people are saying that about bars that I know Florida's top regulator meeting with bar owners across the state to talk about how they could safely reopen their businesses to you. I. See bars reopening in Orlando anytime soon. Bars or one of the most or in one of the most difficult situations because unlike the restaurant where you might go with your family and sit in a booth and be able to isolate or socially distance. When you go to a bar, you're going there to interact with people. You're not going there to sit and cooler and drink your beer by yourself. It's probably speaking challenge for a business, any sort of business that we have. So I just. Know How until probably We. Have a vaccine I'm I'm not sure how will bring the boers back but also all right. So that's that's exactly what he said. There's not a lot. I don't know. He said I'm not sure how we bring the bars back until there's a vaccine which was what he was quoted as saying. He might he might hide in the I'm not sure range. But what he was saying there was the bars don't open as far as I see it in two, we have a vaccine, but then his response to Fox thirty five is no I'm not saying that at all and they asked that question directly to him that doesn't Jiwa did what did they ask? They know I could see what he said. Was I don't know as buddied higher. Do Not know how we could do it unless with a vaccine he said to listen not really say that it's closed completely until vaccine why they said do we do you believe Barsha remained closed until there's a corona virus vaccine to some report? No I'm not saying that at all, you're definitely saying that at least a little bit when you say I don't see a way that the bars can. Reopen into we have a vaccine he's saying due to the nature of the way bars work, which is people having social interactions with one another which it seems like he doesn't go to bars all that often because there's definitely people that go by themselves there's definitely people that go in groups and there's definitely people that still do this at other places just aren't called the bar right now, which is another reason why none of it just makes Never. makes any sense here really but to say not saying that at all, you were definitely saying that you were definitely saying that in this interview and now it's time for you to walk back or figure out another way to address this and you gotTa make sense to people of why. Andretti's can open why theme parks can open why schools can open and we can send kids back into crowded classrooms why restaurant can open and people can drink at the bar at the restaurant Bar can't open just in the not. So distant future, we'll just going to Casey's restaurant Henry's grill and stagger in. Steakhouse. going. To be so fat I don't I don't buy response there and unless there's something that ABC in Good Morning America cut out of that which I did not see it seems like he's not being truthful in his response and we're just I think he really doesn't know. then. Say you don't know. He said I'm not sure how he said I don't see a way that these bars can open until there's to be honest to be quite frank. Whatever words you use a corona virus vaccine and he threw in vaccine as that endpoint. Okay and all he had to say was. We're going to do our best to work on a local and even a state level to find out how we can get these businesses open if there's a way to safely open those businesses before we get a vaccine is he wasn't a hard way to formulate that sentence should be the mayor shadow nobody's GonNa vote for that. But the mayor that we have right now should at least be accountable to this stuff and I. Think he's wiggling out of it backwards now. So say the bars now that this whole conversation is open what's going on have a conversation with these people and tell them when you think they could open your their ideas where they want to open things up outside where they want to limit the amount of people inside come with a structure but he doesn't want to do that. He wants to throw the hot potato to the state. And I will say this. And I'd love to ask him this Mayor Dyer of this get this gets out there. Anyway, I love to ask connections which. I've I've talked to him previously but I love to ask him this specific question I love to ask if you don't believe that we have to wait for a vaccine for bars to open an Orlando. If the state rescinded this block on bars statewide operating, will you get in the way of that for Orlando or will you let those bars back open when the state organization? What was the letter or? With. The DB PR if they released their Hartman of business and professional regulation. So if they say on a state level bars can open back up. If they follow along with all the Covid nineteen procedures will you step out of the way there or will you because you think they're not safe until a vaccine is is created and dispersed throughout the public will. You step in the way and have a block for Orlando or will he throw that over to the mayor of Orange? County Jerry demings I like all of this stuff is lots of questions out there, and until we get those answers I think people are gonNA continue to be confused a real quick. Let's work in this one because it's the first time dispatcher. Here, is outback goonies the dispatch. A News Junkie the smoking ages now twenty one. First Time Dispatcher, qualcomm? Listen. Mall Few Times but the I would not let me. So let's see if this one goes through today at works you tenants are one more. Here's missy junkies you guys. Got To be careful down there with this whole bar foods stuff because up here New York cuomo declared that chicken wings are not food so. Hope you're. Bars down there, figure out the work around so Bars are trying to say we're selling chicken wings,.

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