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To school details at VDH dot Virginia dot gov Dave W. dole T. O. P. traffic alright what a day it is outside how much more we gonna get of this let's find out from seven news first alert first alert chief meteorologist Veronica Johnson hi Veronica hi there good afternoon another beautiful day coming our way tomorrow so here we go we're gonna see things could continue to dry up the fuel showers that we had around the area today the winds of course it's been a breezy one for flag day here but the winds will settle and by early tomorrow morning the winds will be only at about five to ten miles per hour out of the northwest mainly clear skies in a cool start for Thursday to kind of Crispin in fact kind of refreshing to for this time of the year 57 to 63 degrees is how we start out your Thursday and then the high temperature 86 degrees for tomorrow with some scattered clouds not too many very comfortable conditions some hazy skies for Friday Saturday Sunday and on Friday another little weak system will move through giving us some scattered showers maybe even an isolated thunderstorm not gonna get much rain on Friday and dry for the weekend which is good for Father's Day a little bit of warmth close to 90 degrees on Sunday mid 80s for Saturday and right now as mentioned we are pretty much with done these isolated showers they're really coming to an end very quickly pretty nice out there with the breeze 76 in Dahlgren and played La at 79 degrees currently Manassas and Reston in DC 83 degrees alright thank you Veronica the forecast brought to you by Mervis diamond importers Mervis means diamonds for the best quality and value beats nobody Mervis diamonds visit Mervis diamond com coming up on WTOP are you ready for another round of

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