Facebook, Location Services, Google discussed on TechtalkRadio - 07/29/2017 - No Pooping on My Smart Lawn!


Just saw the new spidey movie spiderman homecoming and happy just saw that my facebook app basically tote low jacked me as i was prompting be to post about my experience at the movie uh he turned off location tracker creating he so what happens is he goes to the movie theater as he's leaving facebook suddenly says you were at the theater watching spiderman how crazy you that it is it please just about your experience yelp well i get those things on my facebook we'll say you know it'll show up in the very top of the newsbeat bills were you it it it's funny because he actually says like excuse me were you at recently at burger king and i'd be like um no well you know but it's because i was close by one and as i say no and it's like okay nevermind mind thanks and then into thing disappears or if i say yes it'll be like can we ask you a few questions about it and then i'll be like what are these places hours or bob law and it's it's it's just trying to use your i guess location or or trying to use your location services to to track you now i know there's another app in his google but it's called gugel rewards all right and um what this does that uses your location and as you go round and visit places occasionally you'll get surveys sent to you and he surveys are usually one to two questions long at all every once in a while you'll get one that's like five questions long but it's all based on it'll be usually say which one of these places did you recently visit and then he'd be like oh yashar safeway and then you click dennis like win were you last there and i would like some friday and then it's like okay what was your overall experience five one two five stars and i'm like okay threestar suri and then it just says thank you and then what it does it gives you ten cents.

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