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Thing, can we think of a collection and get Jim a new phone connection or something? I don't know what to do with he must be using a rotary or maybe a remember those phones you see in the movies. They're on the kitchen wall. It sounds like he's talking to a tin cans out to a string. You remember those back in the day? I noticed Bianchi was very measured in his statements today about Mullen. And I was just thinking back a couple years ago, he was on your show 2018 and he was like, hey, Georgia fans better enjoy their dominance over Florida right now because once Mullen starts recruitment and elite level, it's going to be over with. And I remember writing an article about something Bianchi once said after the first time urban and Sabine met and he said that urban Meyer and not Nick Saban would be the next Bear Bryant too. Well, you know, and this is not listen, I love college football love listen to your show. I do so, probably every day, Paul. But I hear these sports journalists, these experts, you know, they come out and they make statements like that and Mike Griffith comes on and he's just so far. You know, I heard him talking about Anthony Richardson the other day how he was has been quarterback and he was going to be a generational type talent or amazing talent at Florida and I was thinking, you know, he's had a couple of games where he performed well against USF and if AU and some smaller schools, but it just seems that we got guys let me get way out over their skis and I make these predictions about Mullen and recruiting and how you're going to dominate Georgian in three years later it's having to eat crow, you know? Well, we live in the media in a hot take world. I was on a couple of shows this morning and they asked me about Harbaugh, Shannon. And I've been talking about Harvard for 5 years and there's almost nothing left to say. And you could almost tell the hosts were disappointed that I just didn't call for an execution. Because that's what we come to expect. Reasoned responses are no longer part of the everyday discourse. And in Mullen's case, I thought Bianchi was a little tame, but that's okay. That's his opinion. I think the idea that's got strictly needs to sit down with Dan Mullen is laughable because Scott struck on those Dan Mullen better than we do. He knows there's no sitting down with him. They work together in Mississippi 7 years. It seems like at some point, though, Paul, you know, I've had a problem with Mueller. I think it's two things. I think there were one. He just doesn't seem to care for recruiting, at least that's the what I'm thinking. I just don't think he enjoys it. I think what he said yesterday will haunt him, Shannon, because the guys that do recruit, and we know who the best recruiter is right now, we'll use that against him not directly. Kirby snorts not walking into a 5 stars home with the Dan Mullen article, but somebody else is making sure they see that. And when they see that, they get turned off. And by the way, they were probably already turned off. And I just don't think he can recruit at that level. And I've never understood why Florida can, and what Bianchi said is true that new football facility is going to help them. But it's not going to help them in time. This is the critical year in recruiting for Dan Mullen, because if he can't get a great class in there now, he is going to be a sitting duck next year, one of the things that Georgia fan that always just irked me when coach Rick was there. And I had a great coach Rick, but she would watch deshaun Watson at Clemson. You would watch Trevor Lawrence eclipse and you would watch all these great athletes from the state of Georgia that ended up outside the state. And if Dan Mullen and his staff could just lock down the borders of that state and just get half or a third of the talent. You know, you got schools, a Motley pop took late central. You've got schools down there that are just ready to make for producing NFL talent. And if you could just get a half or a third of it, but I just don't think he has the appetite for it. It seems like at some point, Paul, Florida was helped give him some PR training or something because it's just repetitive uncomfortable, unusual interactions with the media that give him these situations of hot water. Well, here let me say this. Shannon, you can't help some people. And I don't mean that to sound like I'm being petty about Dan Mullen, but he's at a point where he is not going to listen to someone who comes into his office and says, listen, coach, could we go over? He knows, when you know everything, and I believe he does know in his mind, he knows more than anyone else. That's how you get in trouble. I know the PR people in Florida. They're smart. They've already had that conversation with him. He just doesn't listen. Well, I would think so with the way you know and I'm sure that was taken out of context yesterday. He just didn't want to talk about recruiting at that time. Well, yeah, but you have to. When you say that, though, you have to understand, I mean, this isn't the first time this has ever happened. I mean, you have to know that in real time and you make a statement like that. You just better be prepared for that. And what you say is, hey, listen, we love to recruit here. I know people have said things about us, but nobody's going to work harder. Just say, say things that sound right. Don't give the naysayers ammunition. Now, and the reason why he said what he did is that's how he built that's how he believes and he's got a defense mechanism built up. He's got an attitude and those are things that will come back to haunt Moe. And hey, thanks for the call. I appreciate it. 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