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Get through security at seatac airport. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. Senator Patty Murray is in town calling for an end to the government shutdown. She says she's open to a debate on the wall. But we allow a president at any time to hold the paychecks hostage of individuals over whatever policy they happened. We will be in this this kind of shut down forever. Every time we have a budget every single year. However, the Senate is unlikely to pass a budget Bill that funding for the wall. As majority leader Mitch McConnell has said he will never call for such a vote because he says the president would never sign it. Desire to avoid Wall Street financing for public works projects is generating support for a state public Bank. Komo's Corwin Hake. Takes a closer. Look. A public Bank is a financial institution owned by the government and funded with taxpayer money proponents say public banks operate for the public good rather than for private profit like big. Commercial banks. We the people should have our own banks. And we're trying to get some banks set Ellen Brown is chair of the nonprofit public banking institute. She says a state run Bank would prevent public money from being diverted to commercial interests, which may not align with the public schools in values Armani back home, leveraging it for our own purposes, we could direct it where we wanted to go. It's an idea now given its due in a new report by the university of Washington Evans school of public policy and governance. The report examines the pros and cons of several public banking models. The state legislature is expected to hold hearings on public banking during the upcoming session. Corwin hake. Komo news. Nearly one hundred protesters blocked traffic today through downtown Seattle on fourth and pine protesting pipeline in Canada remained peaceful for the most part police did make five arrests. Protesters say they were out there to make a difference eventually bicycle police. Officers were able to get the protesters on the sidewalk get traffic moving again. Boeing is finally delivered its first Casey forty six eight refueling tanker to the US air force. The komo's Eric Heintz explains. Why the air force is not popping the cork. Over the arrival. The delivery is eighteen years overdue. There are flaws in the aircraft's refueling systems air force officials are not happy with problems that have surfaced during test flights of the new camera system. Boeing installed for operating the tankers refueling, boom, Boeing agreed to make the needed improvements and the Seattle times supports the air force is withholding up to twenty eight million dollars from the final payment on each of the one hundred and seventy nine aircraft until Boeing makes the necessary adjustments. Eric Heintz, KOMO news. After a year of losses for our residents. Orcas. Some fantastic news. They have a new baby whale. Komo's Romero has the latest in Belgium with the center for whale research says after the rare winter sightings of all three j k and l pods near Vashon island Thursday. It was confirmed a thirty one year old female called L seventy seven had a baby number one twenty four. They can't tell if it's a male or female yet. But Balcon says it acts like a boy a little bit more adventurous. Some of them are real mama's boys and hang right next to mama for months at a time. He's just glad there is a new calf only sixty percent of orcas born to are endangered population survive last year included, the death of j fifty and the baby of j thirty five which she cared around for weeks until finally letting it go see Romero. Komo news time eight ten and for the Harley exterior sports desk the ultimate team performance. Nets husky basketball. A rare victory in Utah. Was Bill Swartz is talking dawgs, nozzle Carter career high eighteen points. Jalen Noel, his you dub best twelve rebounds. Sam Timmins a personal. Hi, four blocks and David Chris four steals tops as a husky coach Mike Hopkins. Equally proud of his team sharing the love on offense with sixteen assists. I. That.

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