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Into it and I think some of the testimony from the children that John Mack it had documented back in the nineties right after it happened I felt quite moving but once I started looking into that case I found that there were cases in England there were cases in France tell me about cases I believe in Los Angeles cases in the case in Australia I mean the hat is he they were like over three hundred and fifty children in broad daylight well that flying saucer was winding around the sky above them and then it landed just not far away at all let's bring on the grounds military can mention everybody down thread the teachers I mean it was remarkable let me jump in right here because we have to take a quick break and our guest tonight is James fox his new film is the phenomenon is going to be released nationwide in theaters later this year you can watch the trailer over a coast to coast AM and we have some great production images there for you as well we'll be right back after this short break this is coast to coast AM insanely helpful real stories from easy cater hello this is Corey hi alley for me the cater are you planning tacos for twenty people today yeah the worst on your card did you want to place that order only how can I forget the meetings in two hours no worries I submitted your order your Tuesday will have tacos her when.

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