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To start off in Virginia and talk about this problem on 9 9 5 7. You're slow from board to most of the way two and across the Aquaman where we had a report of a stalled truck along the right side of the roadway near the Prince William Parkway, believe they moved everything out of the roadway. Look at the telling us it's been moved to the right shoulder. We never had eyes on it, but for the longest time it was on the right lane, and now that we're on the right shoulder, things should get a little bit better. This is basically now settled into a standard volume delay on 95 south across the Aquaman, never mind it's a Labor Day holiday weekend. Easy pass lanes are north on 95 and three 95, no delay in the easy passes or in the main line. As you make your way from Fredericksburg to the Springfield interchange, 66 in good ride, Virginia beltway, no reports of any problems, Marilyn bell ray still slow on the adult of coming down from the big curve toward river road in the American legion bridge in volume. On the inner loop of the beltway, your problem was near route one college park. It's been cleared still not with one on the adult of the bellway near route one college park and camera we see that's along the left side, kind of confined to the left shoulder. On the Baltimore Parkway, southbound slowing from one 75 toward one 98, the briefing year one 97, north bend often on so out of Riverdale toward one 87 should now be all volume. On I 95 going south leaving 8 95 the harbor tunnel throughway on your way toward route 100, looking for a crash in that stretch. We are brought to you by the Labor Day savings at Lowe's, save on a maytag washer dryer pair and get free delivery and special financing, see lows dot com for the tails restrictions that exclusions apply while supplies last through Tuesday. I'm jokowi WTO traffic. Here's storm team for Steve prince a valley. Partly sunny, as we head through the remainder of the afternoon into the evening, we've pretty much already hit our high. We'll settle back through the 80s into the 70s as we roll through the evening hours into the

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