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Customer, came in it was my nail lady's husband had told me that they had seen a fire. The smoke was coming up and I didn't I didn't think anything of it. They said it was overseeing like it was over by Burger King in Ashland at the first exit Then I'd go outside with him to go say hi to my nail lady and as soon as I look up by see there is a huge amount of smoke I turn around and I do notice that Sean from over at Roque Farmers is gone. He had gotten word that the trailer park was literally. Getting a goal was getting. Within five minutes of him, getting his his wife and His one of his felines out one of his cats out. The house was on fire like dot is where they did find. One of the bodies was two houses away from him five minutes away from him getting his stuff out well. We went back inside and when I went back inside I, don't know if I told you this. All the power was out. And I walked in and I looked at Megan and I looked at Ron I said. Why guys turn off power out, wiser wise. All the lights out there like Yeah Sarah we did this just to fuck with you. And I'm like, okay. But no really did you guys see the fire in? So it's like we all got really serious really quick and We had realized that Sean was gone and what was going on and so we had We start getting word of what was going on all these cars are driving by, and we realized how big the fire was. We ended up getting it out of there within a mile two miles of being there. But it just everything went up so fast especially went through that trailer park within like twenty minutes of it starting, and that was like the Kennel in that really started that fire and then it went from there and like you were saying all along that bike path is all dry all tinder. You know you know it's just easy dry wood and we had such high store or high wind day that it was like you could see blown through the valley like straight up blown through. Ashland talent. It went through talent. So, fast like I can't even believe it it ended up taking out half the store. Will Not have our store but half building of the store. next door there used to be welders. He had propane tanks that was inside and they ended up getting really hot and leaking into into our building and I think this may have been what really demolished are building I. Don't know if that propane would've been in there. You know if it was still in there I don't know if it would have gone up as much. Because yes. We did have a building that was really flammable right next to us but. All the stuff that was in the front, the front windows got blown out because propane tanks had leaked into our our shop as well as. As, well as the. The welders shop next door but you know Malcolm was no longer live. So it's like their stuff was just there. So it melted the cement it blew out our front windows and then it just it just kept going from there to it would take out buildings right next to each other when all the way into Phoenix and into Medford..

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