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Parents on the show. I do want to say in the youtube chat. Jeffrey says are better when they're still are they do. Do people ever use them. For like s'mores. I maybe is in the same jeff that i've known since Gros mont college. I wonder jeff if you're listening. jeffrey respond. if that's true but he he loves receives peanut butter manager. I agree with jeffrey. That's awesome my favorite. I the other favorite of mine is pretty much. Any holiday are the peanut eminem's during easter. They'd like the pastel colors. I also does anybody like the rubbing eggs. Because that's about those those baldwin's yes. They have like a candy coating in chalk. Yeah yeah yeah thanks. what's island. Silence o b. I forget one last thing. You which drag race all star contestant is getting her own competition show raven is gonna be doing makeup competition show like blow up and all of those because if anybody that has no raven does olive ripa's makeup now and is a phenomenal makeup artist. She's getting her own competition. Show on while present for her. Yeah i mean she's the to nicely. I totally i. I love makeup like competition. Show like low up and all that. Oh my god i crack that trixie and caccia review of it on notice assistant with the guy with the blue but before we got since it. Is you wanna hear some really bad easter jokes before we go. Yeah you're supposed to go. Yes right yes. I'll i'll give you two bid it is your show. What kind of jewelry. Easter bunnies wear thirteen carat. Go how 'bout twenty four karat. I know what happens to these. Stir bunny when he missed bells at school misbehaves at school. He is spelled. Not drunk enough about joke was just right. There is a serious god. It's called the bad gogo boy and then It's called something else but there is a there was a scene. I was watching the latest episode. Where it's just so stupid. They hold up a saint right a candle. That has the saints on it. And you can't see what it is and the guy goes to jesus christ because now it's our nature and pain. Hilary.

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