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I can tell you personally sample of that so my mother in law whose enforcing passed away she passed away from breast cancer when she was ultimately in at the terminal stage of her disease she's really desperately looking for other alternative treatment so she went to an alternative medicine practitioner they said you should take this infusion of this particular vitamin and they provided a paper and the paper when she gave this to me was actually from a predatory journal so this alternative medicine practitioner had basically written up a review and publish it in a predatory journal and was now using this to basically do patients seeing there's evidence that it works when clearly this was something that i really had no evidence to begin with the serb demonstrates the harm that this journal's can actually do to patients and public directly given the does therefore seem to be a serious threat and given the numbers of pipe that you're talking about very large numbers cleanly something surely should happen oh absolutely so i think there's a few different fronts that we can look at this number one as taxpayers we can apply pressure to agencies that are funding some of these work to make sure that they have policies in place to prevent researchers from publishing in these outlets and as well at when you're giving a donation to your health charity you know you can also say a what are your policies as you started distributors to researchers in terms of where the work is going to be published menaj lulu and just got a comment piece in the death minute lead norm the predator trade journal nature human behavior this week he's looking at the strategies that we can use to deal with the problems identified he's also in an article about his investigations which can find on the naked scientists website that's a naked scientists dot com forward slash articles sounds very worrying doesn't it now it's time to come down to earth.

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