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Is just hang on sick. Gives me the money goes inside brings his wife out. He says All right. How? About you give gift certificates to your restaurant for the balance. You got it whatever you want. To the Iran into the guy several times really neat guy named his name is John and I ran into him several times and I told him actually told him in that car about the car. I've never solve problems. I'll be living in the car before over Salva car. And as the car developed through the years, you know I did a frame off I repainted it. You know got per pick that I. Mean You name it I've done something to it so. I like I liked that story a lot. That's a good story and is that I mean is that how how you ended up with all those other yellow cars to just to match that one to sort of became your thing? Don't know weird shit random they're. They're at bear Jackson and it's my it's my birthday and there's a sixty-nine stingray. You know four, twenty, seven, it's getting ready to go to auction and. How can you not? Tell us what I when I went in your garage the when I was at your house last year and you said you said, yeah, no more no more yellow and no more convertibles. Done which I understand, you get famous for either of those things. I actually remember that that's funny. I don't know I'm all over the board right now like I'm looking at a Khuda right now I gotta go on to diversify. You gotta you know maybe get a Khuda. in seventy seventy one thing really do want to seventy seven transam. Oh Man, those are coming up man everybody wants a screaming chicken right now and they are coming up. He better get on one quick before. I'm all I'm all over the board I love cars I. I if I could park inside the House I would. When you kind of you kind of your garage. Finished like like a home, it's pretty it's pretty epic. Actually I'm ver- credibly about. Four I think more I wanted to be twice there's a buddy of mine here in town they build a build investi bills got one of the greatest car collections I've ever seen in my life. and. I if I said to him one time I said I just build my house at the center of this car garage he's got. Five hundred cars. Oh, Jesus. Next Matic semi take you there. I'll make a special trip for that one. It was bill and CAROL DIM busty or guy. Bill and Carroll Shelby. They gave me my Cobra Oh bill and Carol were in business in Carroll started making the cobras out of south. Africa and we got to meet Caroline become friends with them. I. Got a picture of him right there on my wall but we were And so that's that's one of my favorite. That's got a monster for twenty seven. Carol did. Survey was chilly more importantly. Carol. Did Services Chilly and yes carol and I it's great because I have one of my favorite pictures of the in the garage right Gar is a is a picture of Carol wearing his knuckle sandwich. Jacket. Also. That's killer. Yeah. I I. Definitely keep their. How'd you like to Chile? Carol Carol, could've made me you know. And we actually had an appeals house I Cook Digging Carol Chilly. I went to that to the terling Chili. Cook. Off for Carol's eighty fifth birthday as part of a thing with Ford and it was bad ass man that little place lingua is so far in the middle of nowhere there's one police officer for the whole county. So you'd see the cop just drive the other way and you go. Okay. Well, they're over there now so the street races are that way and everybody would just bring out there shelby's rates on the street. It was absolutely ridiculous. It was so silly but like everything in that whole town was shelby shelby shelby. Three stores. Such a neat I, who such an amazing story and.

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