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Many of whom will lose their coverage by October because of days in delays in rebuilding. A pediatric endocrinologists said that teen addiction to video gaming is affecting their brain development KCBS, Mike HOGAN says the World Health Organization recently recognized gaming disorders as a mental health condition UCSF professor of pediatrics Robert lusty said playing video games, gives one dopamine high, but it also kills brain cell neurons. Once those neurons have died, they're not coming back. And that's one of the reasons why addiction is so hard to treat. Because now you're ability to generate a dope. Min responses. Now inhibited, it's been attenuated because you've lost those neurons. Eighteen year old park land shooting survivor Cameron Caskey was attending Silicon Valley conference said teens like playing video games because it makes them feel like a winner when I defeat somebody in a video game I feel victory over them the way, I would if I defeated them in sports fi defeated them in intellectual conversation, and people really connected that Jim star CEO of San Francisco based, common sense, media, said, video games should carry warning labels. It's incumbent upon the industry to educate their users about the potential downside. The video game industry said there isn't enough evidence to justify the mental disorder. Classification, my Colgan KCBS more than one million dollars civil penalties and restitution orders have been awarded to people who were cheated by telemarketers. Many of them were elderly people, California attorney general havi Bezerra says the alleged, scammers are based out of Long Beach, and their victims lost money through bogus invest. -ment recovery services..

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