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You know he's been on the show before i think almost exactly a year ago his name is dan orlovsky twelve years in the nfl as a quarterback now he's get into the media he's an excellent quarterback analyst obviously having played twelve years and i felt like you know with free agency on the horizon and with all the talk about these quarterbacks it felt like dan would be an excellent guy even just to talk about guys like kirk cousins and alex smith in a why not get a guy that just been watching these guys on tape on a team for the last 12 years so today's big show man dental off ski show any time i get a chance to talk with my buddy dead or alive ski i'm going to take it guy played twelve years in the nfl as a quarterback which is unbelievable and then i know you had a chance to be with the rams last year earliest in training camp this year i guess before even get into some my questions about kirk cousins and alex smith and arpaio's and all that stuff to utilize you as the great resource you are i wanted to ask you some questions about your rams experience during training camp i guess i'll start with sean mcveigh he was the coach of the year i know from talking with you just you and i on the phone you think really highly of him what is it about mcveigh that makes him so good.

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