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Can protect your cellphone the heat rail. Right. So when is there going to be some relief? I know you're waiting for the monsoon season to start it has been delayed. It's been very dry as we said over the past few months. So when, when might you get some relief from the heat, I think. That I just Don bell come the monsoon on June twenty two or twenty three so in dead on, you cannot see in the sky. But when evening comes people look at by sky, and offer prayers apple, the monsoon rain so they can get some relief. So you can't even pray for rain during the day it so hot. That is now yon about who is a BBC contributor in Rajastan in northern India, where it is extremely hot as they continue to deal with the heat wave there now ran. Thank you for joining us. And you're listening to here now. All night, long orient from Berlin, claiming dick day hair, and early news. Bulletin is thousands of allied paratroopers were dropping behind enemy lines in France. We know it's going to happen now talked about it, but look at all those hips down. One of the last surviving veterans of World War Two recalls. D day on the next morning edition from NPR news. And that begins at three AM tomorrow morning cake. You ity..

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