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To the pieces as we heard she had studied at Juilliard she was one of the first artists really to make her mark in both classical music and jazz she sold with the New York Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Orchestra among others as a classical musician and then she often used boogie woogie when she jazz them up that's a specific kind of jazz especially piano jazz and to begin with that kinda made a statement because boogie woogie is based on something called the shuffle rhythm which kind of tents instant instant tents and that's the basic rhythm of the music called the blues which is ultimately and and originally an African American form so she was really saying this is our vernacular and we're bringing it to Chopin or box or list Lauren is a really a much more than any classical pianist in America at that time I was very much in the tradition of Bach Mozart Beethoven Brahms and the rest who were wonderful improvisers and who were known for their improvisation and by the time she arrived in the mid the twentieth century you know improvisation had been bled out of what we call classical music but all those people improvise they also played with what Duke Ellington like to call the triple scoring an urge which you know has to do with making people want to shake their rear ends in other words dance what's your view on this current I wanted to sort of insert hazel's perspective about swinging the classics and how she felt about it and how it all began for her she was playing at a club on fifty second street on swing street a young girl she was a teenager so after high school she would run down the fifty second street and work through the night because she became a wage earner for her family she was the intermission pianist for the vocalist Frances Faye and she said she would start playing a song and then the waiter would come over tap on the shoulder and say oh you can't play that because the singer does that piece on her show so then she started another tune and he come back again and say oh no you can't play that one either because miss Faye does it on her show and she said she got so angry that she says I know what I'll do I'll play the Bach inventions and let's see if she plays that in her show and she starts swinging the Bach inventions in the middle of this jazz club and she fell in love with it and she got a kick out of it I think it's indicative of her personality too I mean there was a little bit of a a smart.

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