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I have to get them on the show. They don't wanna go on Mike discussing the stuffing out of guilty with all that. I mean, this is my first podcast. So I've never I've never done one. I can imagine having something online with everything I said as one hundred percent as I said. But whatever we're we're friendly. Title. Out. Crocker's and grew put this great. How you discovered because again, it's like nothing about. So I really appreciate you coming on and talking about how this works and minimums and maximums and the different committees. And why the gills there why people should pay attention? And again, we will have links for this in the show notes that you guys can check it out. So if you're in the union read all this material because this directly applies to you. And if you're. To read it. And then if you're bored artists, join the story of work committee, your join one of the other committees. And then if you're not in the union, you should read it because then you guys will what to expect because my opinion every artist everyone working in automation is either a future union member or somebody who wants to choose different creek. Else? Buttoning interesting. Do you love gardening? Quite fun. So we always like to ask to is. There anything that? We haven't asked that you were like dying to mention. That's another. I wasn't prepared to think of my own. Answering questions in question require thoughts. Yeah. I guess just a little ad about committees. I don't know if any of the committees that are currently around are updated on the website. So if you are interested in joining or starting a committee, I would definitely reach out to the guild an Email them about your interest or about your wanting to join up or making your own committee because it's important because you may realize there's a committee already made of what you're trying to do and you can join up and work with them. So. Be more involved. Love Jake yet. Be proactive I feel like this just love and do a lot of things. I mean, you're like mentoring people and you're going to schools doing raise. So. I think the optimally during a few things. Crystalline? I we just got our free portfolio review at the animation guild approved. And we're working on that right now, let's may nineteenth is going to be a free portfolio review the guild and all the information can be found on the guild's Facebook page, I want to say, but that's awesome. Some pretty excited about that. Yeah. I just saw that to do. We'll take. Thank you very much for coming on the show where can people find you online? Like where can they see your worker on the internet? I'm very very bad at being up to date on social media and art posting. But I don't even remember my online presence. I think. Oh, jeez. Let's see I think the only updates I really do on Instagram and my last update was my obsession with detective Pika CHU Chu's on February twenty seven. Yeah. And pretty infrequent that stuff if you wanna find me probably just type in Jake, Hollander, art has something up. All right, cool. We'll go through that. Links that we put up there, all you and some digging giving you crackling. Jake home during like, we're Landau or like, Wichita some way tend version of me. Detected pitchy. Like this guy this year? Thank you guys to a lot of fun. And that concludes today's interview special thanks to Jake for being a marvelous guest. And if you've enjoyed today's episode make sure to leave a.

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