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These teams are so far away from being relevant so far away from being good this time really only can be hearken back to in one thousand nine hundred seventy s when the jets missed the playoffs for ten straight years. Which by the way the jets have tied now the if the jets miss the playoffs this year will be ten straight and you know the. The giants are added playoffs every year since two thousand sixteen so seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one now. This will be the fifth consecutive year. The giants have missed the playoffs. Just nothing but incompetence from these two teams but like i said the jets lost today for the denver broncos. Twenty six nothing. that's right. I said twenty six nothing and no adam. Gays did not come back to coach the team. The last couple of weeks adam. Gays did not have the reins of of the offense that we so rightfully so criticized during his tenure. Here new york the jets have so far. You know if you look less year just were owing three like i said through those three games. They were outscored. Ninety four to thirty seven terrible absolutely terrible will this year. They've been outscored. Seventy two twenty so somehow even though the jets offense was terrible as year through three games. They've actually managed to score seventeen less points than they did last year. Incredible it doesn't it doesn't make sense. It boggles the mind. How bad the jets have been Through these first couple games you know offensively really the only time. They looked like competent. Offense was in the second half of the first game against carolina the entire game against the patriots. Patriots are really good defensive teams so i not gonna kill them for it but the entire game against the patriots. They look bed. You know you had zach going out there. Throwing four interceptions look terrible. this week. He goes there to get shutout. Jose mustard last week was two field goals. They mustard nothing today. They had a chance to make ten to three early on and hit a fifty six yard field. Goal which kicker rookie kicker matt amendola did hit. He drilled a fifty six yard or right down the middle but then they had a five yard penalty for delay of game which was ridiculous and they deserved it though. It wasn't a bad call by the officials. Were just ridiculous that the holder couldn't get the the stat down the ball. Dannon time absolutely ridiculous. The jets ended up blowing that that cost themselves five yards. It went to a from a fifty six yard field goal to a sixty one yard field goal. You know. I understand robert sala not wanting to get crazy especially if you watch football like i did. You saw the game earlier in the day where You know a hundred and nine yard Was one hundred. Nine yard. Touchdown was brought back by the jacksonville special teams player..

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