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Holiday per se it's date independence day that is our holiday that we are celebrating and it's very important that we celebrate V. flying squirrels will as they always do have a great show at the diamond I'll remind you that they've got a great game schedule tomorrow night to take it on the of the Richmond Fightin Phils no G. on that fighting fills and then after that there will be the fireworks display and they they really always do a great job always do a great job and I came across a story which I just thought was hysterical the the Richmond Housing Authority Richmond redevelopment and housing authority now says that they want to work very closely with the Richmond police to end violence in the public housing projects and I thought to myself you're you're the same brain surgeons who eliminated your own police department like a year or two ago right is this really the Richmond redevelopment housing authorities at all we're going to do away with the rich man's housing police wasn't the world's biggest agency but if put actual police officers into the public housing projects do police work on a regular basis and the Richmond redeveloping Housing Authority eliminated scrapped their own police departments another shocked oh my god crime is going up really now they'd like to work closer with the Richmond city police I am interested to me it's crazy absolutely crazy you you did this you did this you you eliminated your own police department and now you are shocked the crime is going up in you're trying to figure out what you're going to do I another little update on Nike me give this to you quickly Nike which as we now know doesn't like the American flag they have no problem at all putting on their shoes flags from countries that are to put it mildly often described as abusing human rights the company has made shoes that feature the flags in colors from nations like China and Turkey where innocent people are routinely abused there is the the red white and blue high a tri color but don't get excited that wasn't for for America that was to celebrate France they had a green red Mexican flag issue they had a shoe made with Italy's flag and with Germany's flag and with Jamaica's flag they had the Turkish flag they had several different designs with the Chicago city flag the California state flag the Olympic flag the Chinese flag well just it's just the American flag they can't bring themselves to to put on a show all right well what can I tell you in Saudi Arabia nice so again if you are thinking about a Nike products you're free to make your own decision I just say what my thought is my thought is think again let me give you another one how about M. S. N. B. C. also talking about the flag on the possible Nike shoe I mean what's the possible they made it and then when this third reporter back cry baby cop hating America despising racist bigot Colin Kaepernick decided he wasn't happy with it all then they pulled give me a few what MSNBC number one what about the argument that someone made this is PC culture run amok if you well thank you once but this flag on there sure why are people so upset about it yeah because it you know words matter symbols matter too why don't we wear a swastika for July fourth because I don't know it makes it makes a difference the cross burning on somebody's lawn why don't we just have a Nike you know celebration of the court well because those those symbols are symbols of hate so we can take PC culture back it's amazing to me the people who will cry the loudest about PC are the ones who didn't show up on this the friends first occurred who do who didn't defend the people who were victims of white supremacy or racism or sexism and misogyny but now pop up and say Hey let's not be too PC if you wait for the battle if you have been celebrated the process you cannot claim the product yeah I don't know who we are but again he this this problem when people speak and see things that are so ridiculous so insane so ludicrous if you just sit back and and and you just have to wonder you ask yourself really really what you meant to say is it by the way is a missile attack on women Betsy Ross creates the flag and now like you won't display that is isn't that an anti woman action seems to me to be Jennifer's sends a Facebook message is Jeff as I'm listening to you something to think about when we're talking about these Nike shoes when I first saw a picture the sticker I was thinking what an honor it was to Betsy Ross who made our first American flag so in a way really Nike is now said that female achievement doesn't matter overall I think the whole thing is ridiculous yeah I agree with her I agree with her completely but this is what happens when you've got pseudo intellectuals and you have folks who are determined to re write history for their own selfish reasons and understand something when you can do away with history which is what they're doing then you make it's you make it so that people won't want to fight to defend I don't know liberty or freedom or independence this is this is what the Taliban they just knocked down things they didn't like but they especially wanted to knock down things that pre dated their rise to power think about that that's why they did away with certain statues that's why they did away with certain books they did away with libraries because they were all in existence before the Taliban came around and the Taliban wanted the people they were ruling to believe that anything prior to them simply didn't matter it wasn't important and so they destroyed and that's what's happening here exactly what's happening here and that is what is so very dangerous so we'll talk a little bit more about this one reminded the Monday as we kick off all star week over ad job well it's gonna be the diamond for the most part but Monday is actually gonna be at the Richmond race we complex we kick it off with a great concert our old pal Mickey James is going to be performing and the big and rich are the headliners and John rich from big and rich is going to be with me Monday afternoon I'm looking forward to that I know what John reed will be here first thing Monday morning five thirty five Wheeler we're all going to be focused as well on the upcoming gun grab Ralph Northam who will not face you Ralph Northam who is just too afraid to speak with actual voters like you he pops out every once in awhile now he's popped out with the special session designed to take guns away from law abiding citizens the city council members of the city of Richmond just voted the other night symbolically but none the less voted to make you a victim to make you a sitting duck they don't want you to be able to defend yourself what an absolute insult to decent people it is four forty six Jeff Katz newsradio W. RBA we have won the.

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