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And every time the guy guy was here. The fantasticks fantastic. Are we out of question. I we could be. I want to say one thing dick and the and your book and your new book which again we should plug keep moving. And what's full. Keep moving tips and truths about aging. They never will use my titles. I wanted to call how to act when you're circling the drain. And i like that. Yeah is that a better title. I said it'll be very short book. Keep moving. That's what it's about a sat down started to write with with todd. My school writer and a lot of stuff came out. I was surprised once. I got on a rule thought i had other in particular. There's a passage in the book where you're talking about the importance of of younger generation sitting and listening to the stories of older generations. That's right then they don't know it's it's it's one of the reasons that gilbert and i put this show together is to hear those stories. They don't venerate anymore. The who has a song. I hope i die before i get old. Yeah that's it. It's so bad. Because i try to tell them. It's a great time of life. I'm having best time ever a beautiful young life. I say every day. I'm on podcast. Yes you got. You got to harmonize with gilbert godfrey a rare privilege. Thanks thanks for sharing your story. We're we're very grateful. Are there any quick tips. You can give us getting older gracefully. Don't ever start going down the stairs. Sideways people favored their knees. That starts the back. And that's when everything starts to go they don't go down the stairs sideways. I see even if it hurts a little. Go down the stairs front ways. I mean that's real advice you'll you'll find out this. Does dick have one more. Soggy them to take us out. You were singing a song right before we were recording. Oh no you were seeing actually of old things a billy joel song. All we were sitting in new york state of mind. Oh yeah i. I don't know i just be but i think it's a heck of a song you just did for your birthday party with the flash mob. What what what what do they do. We do super califat. You initially didn't. We know you did go. You also did go. Fly a kite. Oh where tuppence for paper and string. You can have your own set of wings with your feet on the ground your robert in flight with your fist holding tight to the the to the swing of your kite too high. Oh let's go fly a kite up to the highest height. Let's go fly kites and send it soaring. Why am i doing this on my own range. And this is ridiculous task you and you could tell me to go at myself. You're not gonna ask him to trip over the ottoman or you know. Could you show me any dance moves. No i don't. I don't know any standard anything i do. What the choreographer tells me so. I think we should ended with us. Shaking base part you know. The classic super cal fredge. You wanna do that this verse. Yes yes okay. Can we say the lower holding some fixing this time. okay. I'll try chupak callo fragile. Xp does the sound of it as something quietly rose. If you say it loud enough you'll always sound super mccallum. Fred can't be though good. Oh key god. I think jimmy sweep south thank you i just sang with. Dick van dyke. Oh hot damn. I think i came. Oh folks we're late lord. I'm gonna throw my pants in the wash. And i'm going to say this is been gilbert godfrey amazing colossal podcast with my co host. Frank santo padre. And we've been talking to the great take vandyke. Thank you welcome on again. We should rehearse gender at three or four days and on again and outcome can't okay. I really appreciate you coming out to my house trout like a party. Thanks thank you my pleasure. Your sweet as a thoroughbred replied on our borders.

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